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Hilscher - Your Partner in Industrial Communication

Hilscher is the leading technology and solution provider in industrial communication. With products and solutions from Hilscher, machines worldwide communicate with each other automatically, quickly and securely, so that production and processes run smoothly. From hardware to the cloud, Hilscher makes Industry 4.0 possible. This opens up completely new possibilities in connectivity, giving customers access to a wider market.

Hilscher was founded in 1986 in Hattersheim am Main and has since developed into an internationally active company with more than 400 employees at 13 locations worldwide.

Logos of all major industrial protocol in a collage on white background.

From turn-key products to highly integrated solutions and complementary software, Hilscher is your partner for industrial communication. Get an overview of how we can help you take the networking of your machines to a whole new level!

Thanks to its multi-protocol capability, Hilscher products can be integrated into almost any industrial application—yours included!

Become part of the Hilscher team and help drive the network integration of machines around the globe. We're always looking for dedicated people who are interested in one of the most disruptive technologies of our time.

Two Hilscher employees looking at a tablet

We have the answers to your questions – your direct contact to our experts.

netX-Kommunikations-Controller von Hilscher auf einer Leiterplatte.

For over 35 years the name Hilscher has stood for trendsetting automation solutions. We understand industrial communication like no other and stand behind our customers with innovative solutions and services for integrating their machines into their network.

netX – our communication controller family

Our netX communication controllers are your gateway to industrial communication. netX technology is the foundation of our product portfolio—from PC cards and modules to industrial 4.0 applications.

The multi-protocol capability of our chips makes them unique on the market. Simply reloading the protocol stacks in the form of our firmware is all you need to cover all protocols. Hardware and software from a single source—no more worrying about development, risks, certification or reliability. Simply focus on your own core processes and applications. We ensure reliable and long-term availability of all components, even for systems with a long lifecycle.

Since the first netX generation, Hilscher has combined innovation and technology for flexible industrial networking.

Three men in businesss suits are standing in front of a photo wall. All three are smiling. The man in the middle holds a TOP 100 trophy. In the background are several TOP 100 logos printed on to the wall.

Hattersheim, 04. Jul. 2024 – The science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar has congratulated Hilscher CEO Sebastian Hilscher and CTO Thomas Rauch on receiving the TOP 100 award. The inudstrial communciation specialist was particularly outstanding in the category "Innovation-promoting top management". Read more!

Hattersheim, 06. Jun. 2024 –  Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH proudly celebrates the participation in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge 2024, demonstrating the company’s commitment to health, sports competition, and the empowerment of team spirit.

Four hand assembling a jigsaw puzzle, holding the pieces in the air. From the left side, a white gleam shines into the picture.

Hattersheim, 04. Apr. 2024 – Following a successful year 2023 with a new record in the company’s global turnover, Hilscher reinforces its management team in order to continue on its growth course. The market leader for industrial communication solutions is pleased to announce Dr. Fabian Debus, Marcel Seeber and Klaus Halder as new members of the Hilscher management.

A map of Europe with the majority of countries colored in grey. Austria as well as the central and eastern European markets are colored in turquoise. On the left side is a Hilscher logo framed with a colorful line around it.

Hattersheim, 21. Feb. 2024 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has expanded its sales region in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Together with its subsidiary Hilscher Austria GmbH, the company is tapping into a dynamic growth market. The expansion will give device manufacturers, machine builders and plant operators better access to industrial communication solutions from the market leader.

A logo of the TOP 100 Award on the left side of the picture on a white background. In the background of the picture is a pc card shown with a netX chipy by Hilscher onboard.

Hattersheim, 12. Feb. 2024 – Hilscher ranks among the 100 most innovative companies in Germany for the second time. Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar will award the TOP 100 prize on 28. Jun. 2024. Read more in our news!

A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.

Hattersheim, 06. Feb. 2024 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has released sensorEDGE FIELD and sensorEDGE, two new Edge IO-Link master devices. These IP67-rated devices combine computing power, a centralized edge management platform and standardized sensor connectivity. Read more in our news!

Hattersheim, 29. Jan. 2024 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has released a new multiprotocol-capable cifX PC card in the extremely small format Mini PCIe halfsize. With only 26.8 mm width and 30 mm length, the cifX HPCIE90 PC card for industrial communication fits in nearly every application from IPCs and HMIs over vision systems to robotics.

In the top left corner in a white bos is written "Welche Rolle spielt Cyber Security in der industriellen Kommunikation?" Below that is written Niels Trapp, Hilscher in a violet box. The background of the left part of the picture is filled with a dark purple colour and icons of gears on the left side. On the right side you can see a portrait of a man in a business suit.

Hattersheim, 04. Dec. 2023 – Learn more about cyber security in industrial communication with Niels Trapp, Chief Marketing Officer at Hilscher, and his webinar held at INDUSTRY.forward EXPO 2023. (Subtitles automatically generated)

Three men are standing at Hilscher’s trade fair booth at SPS 2023. They are wearing business suits and smile into the camera. In the background a light blue and white wall of the Hilscher booth can be seen with a large Hilscher logo on top.

Hattersheim, 30. Nov. 2023 – SYS TEC electronic AG, provider of high-quality electronics services "Made in Germany", and Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, market leader for industrial communication solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership. This gives users of netX technology access to a competent partner for the implementation of multiprotocol-capable communication solutions.

The ceiling of Hilscher's trade fair booth at SPS in Nuremberg. In the middle hangs a panel with a man working on a machine on it. In the background there is a trade fair panel with a display and walls. The major part of the picture is in blue and white colors.

Hattersheim, 09.Nov. 2023 – Industrial communication. Connected and protected. Visit Hilscher at the Smart Production Solutions 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany and find out more about data security with netX and all the other latest industrial communication trends.

Hattersheim, 10. Aug. 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH now also offers a protocol stack for Open Modbus/TCP for its ultra-compact chip carrier netRAPID 90. The specialist for industrial communication technologies is thus making its already flexible multiprotocol embedded module even more versatile.

Logo Best of Industry in gold and black letters on dark background.

Hattersheim, 17. Jul. 2023 – Hilscher's netX 90 is nominated for the Best of Industry award of the Vogel Communications Group. The smallest multiprotocol-capable network controller is the communication solution for compact drives. It offers flexible industrial communication and simultaneous connection to the PROFIDrive AC1 and AC4 drive profiles as well as CiA402 - all in one SoC!

Vote now: Best of Industry Award ->


Two men are shaking hands while smiling into the camera. Both are wearing white shirts and blue jeans. In the background, a colorful roll up is to be seen with the Sotronik logo on the bottom right side.

Hattersheim, 26. Jun. 2023 – Sotronik GmbH is an official qualified embedded software integration partner of Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH. Thus, users of the netX technology in Switzerland will be able to rely on an official partner to solve the automation challenges they’re facing.

A black device hovers on a colorful background. On the lft you can see the Microsoft Azure logo in blue on a white background.

Hattersheim, 22. Jun. 2023 – The Edge Gateway netFIELD Compact X8M of the Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is now listed in the official Azure certified device catalog. Microsoft thus certifies the successful connectivity between the runtime Azure IoT Edge and the cloud connector Azure IoT Hub.

A white square with three smaller netFIELD icons also in white on the right side. They are connected with white lines on a dark blue background. On the left side, "Release of netFIELD OS 2.4" is written on  white background.

Hattersheim, 31. May 2023 – Hilscher is constantly working on optimizing and expanding its managed industrial IoT product portfolio under the brand of netFIELD. The release of netFIELD OS 2.4, Hilscher's runtime environment for edge devices, is another building block for this.

A stylized black netX microprocessor on a colourful background. A CC-Link IE Field Basic logo can be seen on the left side.

Hattersheim, 16. May 2023 – Hilscher's smallest network controller netX 90 and the corresponding netRAPID 90 chip carrier are CC-Link IE Field Basic certified. This supports customers especially when entering asian automation markets with Hilscher's multiprotocol technology netX.

Four men are standing in a semicircle and jointly shaking their hands. All are smiling into to the camera. The man on the left is wearing a traditional bavarian outfit while the others are dressed in business casual.

Hattersheim, 08. May 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is a member of the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance (SPESA). The common goal is to establish Single Pair Ethernet as an international standard for all areas where Ethernet connections are replaced or newly established.

Three man dressed in suits or business casual are standing at a trade fair booth, smiling into the camera. A red large Hilscher logo on a white panel can be seen in the background, surrounded by other blue trade fair panels.

Hattersheim, 27. Apr. 2023 – STL Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH, a provider of development services in the field of embedded and mechatronics systems, and Hilscher are looking to further deepen their cooperation established in 2017. This results in a even better coordination between STL's and Hilscher's engineers as well as a faster pace of development projects for customers.

A PC card in M.2 format on a colorfou background ith the CANopen logo in the left side.

Hattersheim, 12. Apr. 2023 – The cifX M223090AE PC card in M.2 format offers certified CANopen communication for PC-based automation. This helps manufacturers to prove CANopen compliance of their products to the customers. Read more in the CANopen newsletter of the CiA.

A stylized ear on a colourful background. The PROFINET logo can be seen on the left side.

Hattersheim, 30. Mar. 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is expanding its IoT portfolio with the containerized application netFIELD App PROFINET Tap. The application acts as a software gateway, taps process data from a PROFINET network independently of the PLC and converts it into the MQTT protocol.

A stylized ear on a colourful background. The EtherCAT logo can be seen on the left side.

Hattersheim, 30. Mar. 2023 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is expanding its IoT portfolio with the containerized application netFIELD App EtherCAT Tap. The application acts as a software gateway, taps process data from a EtherCAT network independently of the PLC and converts it into the MQTT protocol.

5 men in business suits stand in line at a trade fair booth of Hilscher and smile ito the camera. In the background there is a large Hilscher logo and a panel with technical graphics.

Hattersheim, 23. Mar. 2023 – Embedded Office and Hilscher have entered into a strategic partnership. This means that companies that rely on the established netX technology have a competent integration partner with specific application expertise at their disposal.

Hattersheim, 15. Mar. 2023 – With the netRAPID 90, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH expands its chip carrier portfolio for industrial communication of highly integrated field devices. The netX-90-based module acts as a device interface and supports all common fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet and IIoT protocols in one design.

Corporate business team and manager in a meeting

Hattersheim, 07. Feb. 2023 – Promwad, an expert in hardware design and embedded software development, and Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH are entering into a joint partnership. Promwad's increased focus on industrial automation with its Industrial Automation & Robotics engineering unit is a perfect fit for Hilscher as the netX multiprotocol SoC from the Hattersheim-based company can be used in numerous projects

A man and a woman standing at a table at SPS 2022, signing a contract.

Hattersheim, 31. Jan. 2023 – The infoteam Software Group, headquartered in Bubenreuth, Germany, is the new integration partner of Hilscher. Both companies had already announced the cooperation at the Smart Production Solutions trade fair in Nuremberg at the end of 2022.

Oliver Paffenholz

Hattersheim, 14. Nov. 2022 – The management team at Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has been reinforced with the addition of Oliver Paffenholz as Hilscher’s new Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The Hilscher Team at Hilscher's trade fair booth SPS 2022 in Nuremberg. A large Hilscher logo in the back on a white panel.

Hattersheim, 08. Nov. 2022 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH, specialist for industrial communication solutions, launches its new brand strategy at SPS 2022 in Nuremberg and presents itself in a completely new corporate design.

Hattersheim, 04. Nov. 2022 – Siemens, one of the world's leading technology groups, and Hilscher, a specialist in industrial communication solutions, have joined forces. Equipped with Hilscher's cifX PC cards, the German technology group now offers its customers the ability to connect their SIMATIC IPCs to all industrial communication networks.

Hilscher production manager standing next to a pick-and-place robot.

Hattersheim, 13. Oct. 2022 – dieEntwickler Elektronik GmbH (dEE), an industrial hardware and software development service provider from Bad Zell in Austria with expertise in industrial communication and programming of microcontrollers, is now Hilscher's official embedded integration partner. The two companies already have a history of cooperation on numerous development projects based on Hilscher's netX chip technology.

Two employees talking in front of the main entrance of the Hilscher company building.

Hattersheim, 14. Sept. 2022 – Helmholz Benelux, one of the leading Dutch experts in PROFIBUS and PROFINET networks, and Hilscher, a specialist in industrial communication solutions, have joined forces in a strategic partnership. The new strategic partnership will benefit customers in the automation segment in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) by streamlining their automation projects.

Thomas Rauch

Hattersheim, 17. Aug. 2022 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH is strengthening its technical expertise on the management team by welcoming Thomas Rauch as the new Chief Technology Officer (CTO).


A lock in a dark environment. The lock is surrounded by blue PCB-like lines.

The networking of IT and OT - from field level to the cloud - offers both major advantages and risks for the security of automated production systems. But what about national and international legislation and standards that are intended to structurally increase security in the future? In this article, you can find out what companies need to look out for and where they can get additional input from experts such as the industrial communication specialist Hilscher.

A man in a black business suit and a light blue shirt smiles into the camera. He is wearing glasses and the background is bright and blurred.

Editor-in-Chief Ronald Heinze (Digital Factory Journal) and our Head of Product Management Indistrial IoT Uwe Schnepf (Hilscher) discuss, how machine and plant data can be made accessible in industrial applications. Read more in our blog!

Portraitaufnahme eines Mitarbeiters

Many IIoT prototypes fail when it comes to operational implementation. A review by Hilscher and our expert Dr. Andreas Graf Gatterburg on the challenges of operational scaling of IIoT projects. Read more in our blog!

A netFIELD Compact being mounted to a DIN rail and connected to an Ethernet network.

 “We make machine data accessible. The user provides the process knowledge.” This is how Dr. Marek Meyer, Product Manager of Industrial IoT at Hilscher, envisions the ideal assignment of roles for a successful IoT infrastructure that delivers immediate tangible results. Read more in our blog article.

A netFIELD Device IO-Link Wireless Master in an industrial environment.

How are digitization projects in the field of Industrial IoT successfully implemented? With the netFIELD operating system and the netFIELD.io cloud platform, individual sensor-to-cloud solutions can be developed. Learn more in our blog!


The current chip crisis presents the semiconductor industry with one of its biggest challenges of recent decades.

The semiconductor industry relies on state-of-the-art technology when planning new production facilities. Thanks to the comX 51CA-RE\R machine builders are now finally able to fully concentrate on the development of their applications when designing their tools for the semiconductor industry.

Hand holding a pair of tweezers over a Hilscher printed circuit board

The comX communication module was developed to equip automation devices with a network interface. Here, all communication tasks are executed autarchically on the module - independent of the target platform processor.

The use of an embedded module has always been a sensible alternative to the traditional and complex Design-In process of a chip. For more than 25 years, Hilscher has been a leader in factory automation with embedded modules for industrial communication and that with a consistent concept.

The future prospects for the semiconductor industry are quite positive, with a projected growth of around 9% in 2022. However, the industry is repeatedly faced with supply bottlenecks due to the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, amongst other factors. By developing a new comX communication module, especially suited for the semiconductor industry, Hilscher is supporting to cope with the current situation.

Employee checking a cifX PC card from Hilscher.

Part 4 of our blog series about Single-Pair-Ethernet: A lot of work is still ahead of the industry to get open questions resolved in terms of system adoptions, standard integration and leveraging benefits in relevant use cases. How do the future prospects of SPE look like?

Read the article!

Employee checking a cifX PC card from Hilscher.

Part 3 of our blog series about SPE: Factory automation networks are already largely based on Ethernet standards today. However, the adoption of Ethernet in the process automation field is still in progress. How does SPE affect these two industrial areas?

Read the article!

Employee checking a cifX PC card from Hilscher.

Part 2 of our blog series about SPE: While the idea to enable IP based networks down to the sensor level is obviously beneficial, the question is, how SPE is able to deploy in the focused devices and installations.

Read the article!

Employee checking a cifX PC card from Hilscher.

Part 1 of our blog series about SPE: Single-pair Ethernet, as a new initiative to enable IP based networks to each sensor, adds value through thinner cabling, small footprint plugs and connectors and less space requirements. For that reason, it is suitable to replace numerous existing fieldbuses in the sensor and peripheral area by integrating sensors directly to IT- and Cloudsystems.

Read the article!

Three black and silver devices on a white background. CODA is written on the devices in large red letters.


Orange Precision Measurement implements PROFINET, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP as well as DeviceNet using Hilscher's netX 90 multiprotocol communication controller, enabling the American manufacturer of precision measurement tools to supply its products to various customers.

A man and a woman in high visibility vest are looking at a notebook, Both are wearing white helmets. In the background are machines.


Hilscher’s Flagship Store for the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance (OI4) Community brings the ease of app stores to the industrial world. Powered by Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter licensing, the store gives users access to a library of apps and solutions for their shop floor automation needs.

Thermal spray coating machine by Oerlikon.

Surface solution specialist Oerlikon Metco AG uses netFIELD to enable real-time data collection from industrial applications, such as thermal spray painting machines, from around the world.

netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.

From motor controllers to the consolidation of entire control cabinet contents, dieEntwickler Elektronik (dEE) implements innovative netX 90 projects and opens up the entire internal periphery of the small multiprotocol controller. Read more about our integration partner here!

An actuator by SCHIEBEL painted in black on white background with a red spring incorporated on the left side.

With the embedded modules netIC52 and netRAPID 90 from Hilscher, SCHIEBEL connects its actuators to industrial communication networks and sets standards with a new control board.

A clean and bright inside of a factory with several machines lined up left and right. On two white rails at the upper half of the picture Güdel is written in red large letters. In the foreground, a sheet of metal lays on a conveyor belt.

Industrial systems specialist Güdel uses netFIELD to implement advanced IIoT solutions, ranging from monitoring specific wear points to a more holistic Industry 4.0 approach.

A pneumatic valve application with many cables and lines going about, disappearing into a cabinet on the bottom. On the far right side, AVENTICS is written on the device. In the background, you can see some green and blue boxes. The valve application is mounted on a sheet of metal.

Emerson, a world leading provider of automation technology and software, has enabled integrated OPC UA in their AVENTICS™ valve systems, simplifying IIoT integration and analysis capabilities with netX 90.

Titleimage Systemtechnik Leber

Based on Hilscher’s netX 90 multiprotocol processor, Systemtechnik LEBER and E-T-A developed an ultra-compact and price-sensitive bus controller for monitoring electronic circuit breakers.

A man with a blue hard hat and safety glasses is working on a orange robot arm.

netANALYZER delivers reliable support for the service specialist Leadec in troubleshooting industrial Ethernet networks.

A packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

MULTIVAC, the leading manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions, develops customer-oriented services with netFIELD, enabling higher machine availability

A female factory worker in pharmaceutical clothing standing beside a large fluid machinery.

netTAP 151 provides a flexible and scalable solution for an easy integration of independent processing systems into one industrial communication network.

A pneumatic test bench with several cables going in and out, placed in a production environment.

müller+krahmer GmbH realizes pneumatic test benches with the capability to change protocols on the fly with the help of Hilscher cifX PC cards.

A grey box with several connectors up front.

The engineering firm kumkeo GmbH is one of the first companies to rely on the netX 90, the world‘s smallest multi-protocol chip from Hilscher, for the development of innovative products.


2 panel PCs facing each other, another IPC with netJACK highlighted blue in the foreground.

IPC specialist ADS-TEC Industrial IT uses the netJACK option module as a universal solution to equip its Industrial Box PCs and HMIs with master and slave functionalities on demand, flexibly and without tools.

Front view of a NORD inverter standing upright with connectors on bottom.

Drive manufacturer NORD DRIVESYSTEMS realizes more compact frame sizes and facilitates servicing with netX.

Worker inspecting an electrical Installation at a Leadec plant.

netMIRROR facilitates quick and reliable troubleshooting in RealTime Ethernet networks at factory service specialist Leadec.

cifX PC-Cards integrate Automated Weld Seam Inspection Systems to numerous Real-Time Ethernet and Fieldbus networks at German machine vision specialist VITRONIC.


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Logo of the trade fair Techno Frontier 2024 in Japan written in purple and yellow.

Techno Frontier 2024 – The 42nd Japan's One and Only Event for All Motors


24. Jul. 2024 to 26. Jul. 2024


Tokyo Big Sight East Hall
3-11-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan 135-0063
Tokyo Big Sight Inc. TEL: +81-3-5530-1111

Two Hilscher employees discussing a contract.

As the market leader in industrial communications, we offer our customers the best solution. We’re constantly growing and we want to continue do so well into the future. To help us achieve our mission, we need support on the ground from sales professionals like you.

netX-Kommunikations-Controller von Hilscher auf einer Leiterplatte.

Are you on the lookout for a company at the forefront of technology and innovation, that will stretch and promote you in the long term? Would you like a position where you can give your technical skills free rein? Then, apply now!

A group of young people sitting on a couch in Hilscher's office building.

You will learn how to develop secure IT applications during the combined work and study course. You will regularly attend the IT faculty of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences during the semester and apply your newly acquired knowledge immediately at our company during lecture-free periods.

A group of young people sitting on a couch in Hilscher's office building.

On the combined work and study programme, you will gather encompassing knowledge about topics from (business) informatics. Attend the information technology faculty of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences during the semester and apply your newly acquired knowledge immediately at our company during lecture-free periods.

A group of young people sitting on a couch in Hilscher's office building.

On the combined work and study programme in electronics and information technology, you will learn about topics from electronics, network and control technology. You will attend the electronics faculty at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences during the semester and apply your newly acquired knowledge immediately at our company during lecture-free periods.

Production of the netFIELD Device at Hilscher in Hattersheim.

Lay the foundation for a future successful career for yourself with an apprenticeship at our company. During your training as a warehouse operator or warehouse logistics specialist, you will learn how an international company in the high-tech sector works and shape central processes with your own hands.

Employee entering Hilscher's company building through the main entrance.

Lay the foundation for a future successful career for yourself with an apprenticeship at our company. During your apprenticeship as an IT specialist for applications development, you will receive a comprehensive insight into the IT department of an industrial company and you will learn how to implement customer-specific information and communications solutions.

Hilscher student leaning against a wall and looking at a cell phone.

Lay the foundation for a future successful career for yourself with an apprenticeship at our company. The apprenticeship as an industrial clerk will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the various commercial and technical production departments within an industrial company.

Two young men look at a display of a machine. One of them points at something on the display, he is wearing gloves. In the background you can see a woman working on another machine. The picture is crowded with semiconductor production machines.

Lay the foundation for a future successful career for yourself with an apprenticeship at Hilscher.

The technical apprenticeship as an electronics technician for devices and systems will provide you with a comprehensive insight into the production area of an industrial company.