Ein netX-Chip auf einer cifX-PC-Karte von Hilscher
empowering communication

Automation Companies

Solutions for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet

Are you an automation technology manufacturer? Then equip your components with state-of-the-art communication interfaces, ensuring their communication capability. It will enable your solutions to interact quickly, reliably and robustly with controllers, field devices and higher-level systems — whether IPCs, HMIs or actuators such as drives and robots, or even complex applications such as automated optical test systems.

Automated systems also require seamless signal transmission, control and monitoring between different fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet communication standards. We ensure this with precertified solutions.

When you choose Hilscher, you turn the high variability of network standards on the market to your advantage. No longer will you have to decide on a single standard—our multi-protocol solutions can cover them all. We deliver a wide range of solutions for industrial communication as well as innovation, know-how and expertise from decades of project experience.


Challenges facing automation manufacturers
Integration costs

As an automation engineer, you want to minimize the cost of integrating industrial communication interfaces and be able to adapt them flexibly to market demands. This saves you money and minimizes the time to market for your customer solutions.

With unified drivers, configuration tools, and application interfaces across all protocols, you can quickly and easily get your devices and systems up and running and respond quickly to changing market conditions.

Flexibility and variability

As an automation engineer, you're looking for efficient communication solutions that can be integrated quickly and easily. Protocol variability can be a barrier for you to serve the customer segments you want.

With our multi-protocol solutions and standardized interfaces, drivers and tools, you can turn this into an advantage over your competitors. With just one piece of hardware, you can cover all protocols and have the right solution for your customers.

Wide range of hardware options

Depending on the application, you require communication interfaces with special hardware requirements.

Whether it's a wide range of form factors, rugged M12 connectors or remote network interfaces, and an extended temperature range, our PC cards and embedded modules with their broad spectrum of product versions offer you the ideal solution for every application.

Hilscher: empowering communication

As a specialist for industrial communication, it is our mission to make the integration of automation components into any communication network as simple as possible. With more than 35 years of experience and expertise in industrial automation and countless customer projects, we've put together a broad product and service portfolio. We have just the right solution for every application and have already equipped countless components and devices with the right communication interfaces:

  • Sensors
  • Actuators (drives, robots, etc.)
  • Measuring instruments / simulation systems
  • Optical inspection systems
  • HMI terminals
  • Industrial PCs



Integrating automation components – reliably and network-independent

Depending on the application and region, automation at the OT level is characterized by a wide variety of communication protocols. We've developed a wide range of multi-protocol capable PC cards that make it as easy as possible to integrate your automation components into communication networks. From PCI and PCI Express to CompactPCI or PC/104 and Mini PCI Express, our cifX product family offers all common formats for master and slave applications. With our M.2 PC cards, we even offer the smallest multi-protocol enabled PC cards in the automation market for space-saving integration into your devices.

Thanks to Hilscher's platform strategy, the entire cifX family uses the same drivers and tools, significantly simplifying integration. Whether it's different cable lengths, M12 connectors, integrated NVRAM, extended temperature range, dual-channel cards or remote network interfaces, numerous hardware options always offer the right solution for every specific application. We're also continuously adding to our product and services portfolio, so you're always optimally prepared for new market demands.

For connecting industrial networks, we also offer a selection of standard gateways in various performance levels. Based on our multiprotocol netX-SoCs, the protocol converters serve you flexibly in all common fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks. They make it easy to connect devices and network segments using the same or different communication standards.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Multi-protocol enabled components
  • Low development costs
  • Fast time to market
  • Easy integration
  • Comprehensive portfolio for industrial communication
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Long-term product availability