Hand mounting a comX module onto a circuit board.

Equip field devices with industrial communication

Empowering Communication

Field devices

State-of-the-art communication interfaces for field devices

Field devices in the form of sensors and actuators form the foundation of every automated production process. As a manufacturer of field devices, you ensure the precise measurement of important parameters and the correct control of processes by integrating your devices into modern fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks. Reliable and seamless communication between the field devices and other components is essential for the smooth and economical operation of devices and plants. As one of the leading providers of industrial communication solutions, Hilscher is there to help. Use our innovative products and powerful, customer-oriented services to integrate your devices into all relevant networks—in both existing and new systems.

Challenges of connecting field devices

Unexpected failures of field devices often result in downtimes and thus costly production downtimes for your end customers, too. As a manufacturer of field devices, you can rely on a partner like Hilscher whose products have been providing reliable industrial communication across many different industries for years. Reduce your own risk and that of your end customers.

Demanding environments

Field devices are usually quite small and are often used in rough environments or hygiene-sensitive areas. This places high demands on their quality, robustness and availability. Whatever your needs, whether in terms of size, extended temperature range or IP-classified protection requirements for your devices' enclosures: at Hilscher we have the necessary expertise and years of experience to meet your individual device specifications.


As a manufacturer of field devices, the global protocol variance is an obstacle when deploying your devices across many markets and regions. Our multiprotocol-capable communication solutions let you gain access to new markets with your devices at little cost.

As a leading provider of industrial communication solutions, we have decades of experience in integrating devices and equipment into the factory infrastructure. Our customers appreciate our wide range of products and services that enable the integration of field devices of any kind — regardless of the fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet standard. Thanks to unified interfaces, our solutions communicate easily and flexibly with each other. The versatility of our solutions allows you to serve a wide range of industries and applications with a wide range of requirements:


  • Valve manifolds
  • Gateways
  • Wireless data systems
  • I/O modules
  • Communication modules
  • Data loggers
  • Process controllers
  • Measuring & control technology
Easy integration of sensors and actuators

Whether netX communication controllers, embedded modules, PC cards or IO-Link devices, with our versatile solutions for industrial communication you'll find the right product for every application. Thanks to our unified Hilscher platform strategy, you can easily and flexibly integrate your field devices into any type of network. We operate with both industrial Ethernet and fieldbus standards, as well as with interfaces to digital sensors that communicate via IO-Link or conventional digital signals. We connect your field devices both in existing systems and in new ones. We ensure the secure connection of your field devices in edge and cloud architectures through integrated OPC UA server and MQTT implementations. This ensures that your field devices are interconnected and future proof.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Solutions for the full range of field devices
  • Low development costs
  • Fast time to market
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-protocol support
  • High systems and factory availability
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Long-term product availability