Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.
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System Integrators

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the netFIELD ecosystem

The foundation of modern IoT solutions is a highly complex interaction of different hardware and software components in order to aggregate seemingly endless data to gain insights leading to process optimizations. However, market requirements and architectural approaches differ greatly depending on the application, forcing you to make great investments in developing individual solutions.
netFIELD gives you a perfectly coordinated solution of hardware and software components and services for your IoT world. This hybrid edge and cloud ecosystem lets you easily make your customers' plants fit your Industry 4.0 solutions. Our scalable netFIELD Cloud delivers turn-key software to make the start easier, such as OPC-UA server/client and various cloud connectors. With netFIELD you can develop individual Docker applications, deploying them around the globe in no time. It enables you to monetize your expertise with previously unmined data from your customers.

Challenges for IoT system integrators
Cloud flexibility

Manage your netFIELD Cloud portal remotely, create your own instances for your customers as a sub-organization, or let the customer manage it. Whether small or medium-sized enterprises or large corporations, netFIELD is designed with maximum flexibility to meet the needs of every organizational structure.

Remote management

Manually monitoring and managing automated systems on site is time-consuming and costly. Our netFIELD ecosystem offers a wide range of products and software along with an open API. That means, not only can you monitor and manage systems manually and visually from a remote location, but you can also do so automatically via your own or third-party software. As a system integrator, you can offer your customers a single solution.

Individual IoT applications

No production plant is the same and each one requires individual IoT applications for process analysis and optimization. Our netFIELD Cloud provides services such as remote device and container management, making it much easier for you to roll out your solutions and to provide support for them later. This allows you to develop your own container-based applications and to deploy them centrally via the Internet directly to the edge devices.

Hilscher: empowering communication

With decades of experience to draw on in industrial communication technologies, and in our efforts to create solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, we amassed a comprehensive IoT solutions portfolio. The result: our open netFIELD ecosystem. This makes it possible for you to implement individual IoT projects for your customers. Our netFIELD Cloud, the user-friendly netFIELD portal, dedicated software and scalable gateway hardware provide a solid foundation for the IoT capability of production plants. End-to-end managed services also enable centrally provisioned and containerized applications to be managed at the edge. With this hybrid cloud and edge model, your solutions set the course for modern edge computing.

Easily integrated IoT connectivity

Our netFIELD ecosystem of hardware and software solutions and related services provides a global holistic solutions approach to the IoT connectivity of production plants. It enables you link distributed devices to a smart factory in order to generate tangible business assets derived from the extensive plant data.

Our netFIELD Cloud serves you and your customers as a central instance for managing your data, devices and container applications. Depending on individual requirements, we offer various scalable subscription models—from personal accounts to solutions for corporate customers.

Our cloud portal is your digital workplace with an intuitive interface. A mouse click away from accessing your managed services. Our software library provides a selection of turn-key applications. You can also develop custom, application-specific containers together with your customers. Concentrate entirely on your core competence. netFIELD takes care of the software roll-out process for you.

Important for you as a system integrator: our metrics solution in the devices and in the cloud measures and logs actual cloud usage and the usage of managed services. This allows you to invoice your customers based on actual usage.

Our powerful netFIELD Edge devices serve as smart interfaces between the field layer and the cloud. They enable you to aggregate extensive data from your customers' distributed OT devices. You can upload the data to the cloud or process them locally using the Docker application that you have loaded onto the devices via the Container Manager in the cloud.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Gain access to our extensive and proven know-how
  • Scalable subscription models by organization size
  • Comprehensive IoT portfolio
  • Easy integration
  • Secure software provisioning via Docker containers
  • Lower development costs
  • Fast time to market
  • Reach your planned profitability earlier
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle