cifX PC cards are the easiest way to integrate your systems into an industrial network.
empowering communication


Flexible fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet communication for IPCs

Industrial PCs (IPCs) and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) take on a central role and perform a variety of tasks in the automation network. As a manufacturer of IPCs or HMIs, you often face the challenge of having to connect your devices to different fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet networks. With Hilscher you can cover the entire bandwidth of these networks with just one hardware solution—our multi-protocol netX communication controllers make it possible. Whether for a standard interface or a custom design, our PC cards and embedded modules are the answer to your communication needs.

Challenges of connecting IPCs and HMIs

As a manufacturer of IPCs and HMIs, the global protocol variance is an obstacle when deploying your devices across many markets and regions. Our multi-protocol solutions give you an edge over the competition. With just one hardware you can cover all protocols, gaining access to new markets at low cost.


Faulty components often have a major impact in factories. Production errors or even stopped assembly lines always mean a loss of efficiency. When you choose Hilscher, you're getting reliable hardware and software solutions for your IPCs and HMIs. Thanks to decades of expertise, Hilscher components have proven themselves in a wide range of different applications and over an extended period of time.

Demanding environments

IPCs and HMIs are often exposed to adverse conditions in industrial environments. You and your customers must therefore be able to rely on the quality of the components installed in them. That is why our solutions undergo numerous tests in our production facilities in Germany. At Hilscher we have the necessary know-how to make our components meet your individual device specifications.

Thanks to our years of expertise, we have built up an extensive portfolio of effective solutions tailored to the requirements of our customers and end users. Our netX-SoCs, which are also installed in our embedded modules and PC cards, are multi-protocol capable and can therefore be flexibly integrated into a wide variety of networks. A protocol can be switched simply by reloading the firmware. A universal tool chain for communication via different protocols with a single application interface across all operating systems offers full flexibility to meet your requirements.

The right product for every application

Our range of cifX PC cards includes all form factors available on the PC market. From conventional form factors such as PCI or PCI Express to the smallest multi-protocol PC cards in the very compact M.2 format, we have the right one for your IPC. All you have to do is plug the cifX card into the standard interface. Whatever you need, whether different cable lengths, dual-channel cards or comprehensive software support—we have the right solution for your individual application.

With our embedded modules , you can easily equip your own IPC solutions and designs with the full range of industrial communication protocols. Our multi-protocol and master-capable netJACK module, for example, optionally features convenient tool-free assembly. All you have to do is prepare your motherboard and casing for assembly and simply slide it in when the customer asks for it.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Easy integration
  • Multi-protocol support
  • Fast time to market
  • Hilscher platform strategy
  • Numerous hardware options
  • Low development costs
  • Long-term product availability
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle