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netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.

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netX: Technology Overview

netX – our communication processor family. Together with our wide range of software packages for all fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocols and standards, our netX communication processors are the foundation for your network-integrated field devices, drives and controllers. Whether as a design-in solution or a ready-to-use communication component, netX technology is the heart of our product portfolio. From PC cards to modules and gateways, you always have a unified API interface for simple and standardized integration into your applications.

The multiprotocol capability of our chips makes them unique on the market. All you have to do is reload the protocol stacks as part of our firmware in order to switch from one standard to another. This allows you to communicate across a wide range of industrial networks with a single piece of hardware. netX hardware and software are from a single source. This allows you to minimize development risks and reduce the number of necessary external interfaces, and you also stay up to date on the latest industry standards and certifications. It also allows you to stay focused on your own processes and applications, while we take care of the communication.

The selection of our development semiconductor processes from major manufacturers such as Renesas and TSMC ensures reliablility and long-term availability of all components.

Since the first netX generation, Hilscher has combined innovation and technology for flexible industrial networking.

netX – industrial communication from the market leader

netX has been the industry standard for over two decades. And this will continue on into the future. We guarantee long-term availability of our solutions, so that your machines stay connected.

The chart shows the development of the netX chip over time, starting in 2004 and continuing into the future.
Access to all factory automation markets

The flexibility of netX technology allows you to implement a wide range of applications in factory automation. From fast drive controls with high demands on synchronization and very short cycle times to standard I/O systems for the field, or complex controls with visualization and communication — we help you realize your ideas.

A lock in a dark environment. The lock is surrounded by blue PCB-like lines.
Cyber security for IEC 62443

Industrial production systems are targets for unauthorized access from the outside.
The security architecture of netX 90 and future chip generations from Hilscher keep you safe.

  • On-chip security enables up to security level 2
  • Authentication, integrity and data encryption
  • Internal monitoring mechanisms
  • Secure boot
Human Machine Interfaces

The netX 500 can provide user interfaces directly and efficiently, e.g., in operating panels, displays or weighing equipment.

  • Flexible host interface
  • Integrated controller for simple TFT panels
  • All fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks


Vision Systems

As a companion chip in addition to the camera host controller, the netX communication processors provide access to all networks for connection to various control systems.

  • Flexible host interfaces
  • Wide range of communication standards
  • Diagnostic functions and IIoT interfaces
Field devices and I/O

The netX communication controllers replace old parallel cables with all field buses or with Real-Time Ethernet networks. High-precision synchronization and fast cycle times make it possible to create complex daisy-chain network topologies.

  • Protection classes from IP20 to IP67
  • Processing of digital and analog I/O signals
  • Low latency and jitter

Servo drives are often used for applications requiring high-precision positioning. The rotary encoders and encoders supply the corresponding signals to control the servo drive. The netX chips enable the necessary network connectivity.

  • High integration with PHY and DC/DC for compact designs with netX 90
  • Integrated Endat, BiSS and SSI interfaces
  • Temperatures up to 105°C depending on the application

Industrial controllers are the heart of a machine or a production system. netX is the communication system for the controller side of things.

  • Master capability in many standards
  • Master stacks
  • Flexible host interfaces for connecting various host controllers

Various sensors play a key role in monitoring and controlling production processes.

  • Flexible on-chip peripherals in netX chips make connecting sensors easy
  • Very compact network connection, especially with netX
Secure Industrial IoT

Ensuring secure access to networks for data routing and processing in IIoT infrastructures is the fundamental prerequisite for Industry 4.0 applications.

  • netX 90 provides data access with OPC/UA
  • Integrated security features for designs up to security level 2 (IEC 62443)
  • Integrated diagnostic mechanisms


An industrial drive in silver and black. The surroundings are slightly colored in blue and red.
Drive technology

Fast and flexible communication solutions are especially important for machine drives and motors. And that is exactly what the netX communication controllers deliver: short cycle times and high-precision synchronization.

  • 2 to 128 axes
  • Scalable control performance
  • netX 90 integrated drive peripherals for FOC-based control of PMSM and BLDC motors
Diagnostic functions

The netX 90 in particular enables reliable system monitoring through built-in diagnostic functions and improved data integrity thanks to the integrated hardware security functions.

  • High reliability and very robust
  • Integrated monitoring of voltage and time of the on-chip memory
  • Enables and supports new services such as predictive maintenance
Functional safety

Ethernet communication in safety-relevant components must include a so-called black channel so that safety-relevant data is transmitted reliably.

  • Protocol stack extension for functional safety (FuSa)
  • Easy connection of netX and FuSa controllers for SIL 3 applications
  • Diagnostic functions for system integrity
Industrial PC

netX communication controllers are the easiest way to integrate your industrial PCs (IPCs) and robots into industrial networks.

  • Supports all relevant communication protocols
  • Different interfaces to the host system
  • Standardized API for host access to a network
  • Linux and Windows drivers for netX and our netX-based PC cards
Advantages of netX technology
Flexible solution

Connection to all fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems with one chip family

Quick launch

Complete communication solution with a comprehensive ecosystem

Easy integration

Comprehensive product support and development services

Future-proof investment

Long-term availability and expertise from the market leader in industrial communication

Learn more about the netX technology
A hand in a white glove holds an embedd module from Hilscher. Mounted on the green square module is a netX 52.

Each netX chip is based on a highly flexible and programmable multiprocessor system. It allows dual and multiport architectures for your solution. Find out how it works.

We provide support throughout the entire lifecycle of your netX integration. From the proof of concept to development, to the final certified solution. You can also rely on our long-term availability.

Overview of our netX communication controllers. As a highly integrated solution, they allow you to flexibly integrate your machines and production systems into your network regardless of the network standard. We provide hardware, software, certification and support from a single source.