Empowering Communication

Network and Communication Diagnostics

Complexity and diversity make monitoring and optimizing your Real-Time Ethernet network a challenge, because faults need to be found and eliminated as quickly as possible.

Our netANALYZER and the intuitive graphics software, netANALYZER Scope, give you a full overview of your Ethernet networks at all times—regardless of the protocol or application in use. This allows you to measure important key data such as subscriber lists, alarms, process values, network usage and telegram jitter without any impact on the network or PLC. netANALYZER can also remain autonomous in a system for a longer period of time with the help of the trigger function. When defined events occur, netANALYZER automatically creates a telegram snapshot.

netMIRROR is the simple, reliable and efficient solution for integrating permanent test access point (TAP) into your industrial communication networks without affecting the network, whether for monitoring your traffic, quick troubleshooting or as part of your digital services.