Four different embedded modules from Hilscher on a colorful background. The devices are slightly mirrored on the bottom.
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Embedded Modules

Embedded modules from Hilscher are the ideal solution for integrating a fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet interface into a compact automation device. They allow field devices such as drives or controllers to be integrated into automated systems, with the device manufacturer integrating the hardware and connecting it to the application. The focus is on maximum performance in a compact format.

Our embedded portfolio contains versions for a wide variety of requirements – e.g. for different data rates, or with an extended range of functions. Using our embedded modules saves you, as a device manufacturer, time and money that would otherwise be spent on developing your own communication hardware. Embedded modules from Hilscher are a simple and efficient option for making your field devices capable of communication. That means our modules minimize the time-to-market of your products and reduce your development costs.

IP40 interchangeable module

Implement the entire range of industrial communication protocols with just one module. netJACK is the universal solution for all applications that require master or slave functionalities.

Communication Module

Equip your robots, PLCs or drives with a network interface. comX is the universal solution for all applications that require master or slave functionalities.

DIL-32 Communication IC

netIC is your ideal slave solution for simple field devices with a low data throughput, such as barcode scanners, identification systems, valve manifolds and input/output modules.

netX chip carrier

Use netRAPID to implement your slave interface quickly and securely. The netX chip carrier is the alternative to cost-intensive in-house developments.

Quick overview: Embedded modules


 IP40 interchangeable moduleCommunication ModuleDIL-32 Communication ICnetX chip carrier





Network connectorOnboardOnboard or BaseboardBaseboardBaseboard
External Host CPU requiredYesYesNoNo
Protocol technologiesIndustrial Ethernet & FieldbusIndustrial Ethernet & FieldbusIndustrial Ethernet & FieldbusIndustrial Ethernet,Fieldbus & IIoT