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Hilscher products and solutions automate machines to communicate with each other globally—fast and secure—so that production and processes run smoothly. From hardware to the cloud—Hilscher's industry 4.0 technology makes it possible. This opens up a whole new range of possibilities when it comes to connectivity, giving you access to a wider market.

Our solutions at a glance
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Industry Solutions [START]

The right communication solution for your industry – rely on Hilscher’s years of experience as the market leader in automation.

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Applications [START]

From legacy fieldbuses to Industrial Ethernet and the networking of modern sensors right up to the cloud – Hilscher’s industrial communication solutions in action.

A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Master in an industrial environment.
White Label Products

With our IO-Link white label products you get the full communication competence of Hilscher in your configured product.

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Success Stories

Our solutions enable machines all over the world to communicate autonomously and securely with each other. From communication controllers, PC cards and embedded modules to network analysis and Industry 4.0, we make industrial communication possible.