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Contemporary data consolidation and visualization

Optimizing business processes in today's IoT environments requires the processing of extensive data. One way to do this is by graphically displaying the collected information, e.g., machine status or current productivity numbers, to gain valuable insights. For plant operators and machine manufacturers, recording irregularities and finding ways to improve efficiency is a crucial factor in ensuring smooth production processes.

With modern cloud solutions, you can collect and centralize your data across multiple locations and online services and then graphically represent them in a meaningful way. This allows you to keep a close eye on important parameters and to make any necessary changes to your processes whenever necessary. Our netFIELD portfolio gives you a comprehensive solution covering all your needs from connecting sensors to offering helpful dashboards in the cloud.


Challenges to data visualization
Central monitoring

Collecting and consolidating machine and systems data across several locations is virtually impossible with only a local infrastructure in place. However, by using our cloud-based netFIELD ecosystem, you'll be able to monitor and visualize distributed systems instantly via configurable dashboards in our cloud portal.

Individual requirements

Depending on your specific application, you need customized diagrams of your IoT or process data. With our Docker container-based solution you can customize your own analysis software and define your data intelligence yourself. Choose to first process data locally on the machine before transferring to the cloud for visual representation—wherever and whenever you want.

Cloud agnostic connectivity

Do you already use cloud services from Azure, AWS or Google to centralize your data? No problem! netFIELD is cloud agnostic. With the unified MQTT communications infrastructure in the devices, along with our cloud connectors, you can send data streams to any cloud. You can configure the connectors, as well as our and your other applications locally or remotely via the cloud portal.

Hilscher's netFIELD product and service portfolio supports you in the integration of your machines and plants into modern IoT architectures, enabling you to graphically visualize your data. Take advantage of our decades of experience and expertise in communications technology to keep track of your devices and their data in our comprehensive netFIELD ecosystem. Flexibly configurable dashboards let you monitor your information online and use it to perform remote maintenance or optimize processes. By tapping into previously unused data sources of a production plant and programming your own applications, you can also expand your business by developing new business models.

Advanced data processing and visualization – from the sensor to the edge to the cloud

Hilscher's wide range of products and services for industrial communication enables you to visualize your data—from aggregating data from end devices through to the cloud.

With our netFIELD ecosystem for IoT environments, you can easily monitor all your globally distributed devices and their data at all times. The self-service cloud portal www.netfield.io allows you to easily manage your devices and customize the visual representation and diagnosis of your data through configurable dashboards.

Edge gateways are intelligent data routers between the automation level and the information technology level. They aggregate, process or transmit additional IoT information of your production process completely autonomously. This is done either locally or in combination with a cloud in order to monetize insights gained on demand.

Our multi-protocol PC cards in a variety of form factors allow you to integrate your devices into industrial communication networks. From PCI to the extremely compact M.2 format, we offer a wide range of form factors and numerous hardware options and drivers for every application.

You can instantly visualize your process data on an HMI terminal. This gives you an interface between man and machine to control and monitor all your data and production processes.  Hilscher's cifX PC cards can be flexibly plugged into the machine directly or installed in control cabinets on the shop floor for almost any application.

Container technology is now also used in PC cards to flexibly connect and manage higher-level PC applications. Docker containers, together with netFIELD, set the course for IoT data processing and the connection to cloud systems.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Extensive portfolio for every application
  • Open platform for integrating your own applications
  • Easy-to-use self-service portal
  • Centrally manage your devices and their data
  • Well-laid out dashboards
  • Lower development costs
  • Fast time to market
  • All formats, all protocols
  • Easy integration
  • A variety of hardware options
  • Support and additional services throughout the entire lifecycle