netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.

netX - our multiprotocol-capable communication controllers

netX 52 chips mounted on printed circuit boards.

Our firmware is what makes our netX-SoCs what they are

Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.

netFIELD – manage your IoT projects remotely


Thanks to our products, machines around the world are able to communicate with each other. Always included: our know-how and our netX communication controllers. The flexibility of netX technology is unique on the market, enabling reliable communication in countless production plants.
But it's our firmware that makes our chips what they are: a multi-protocol communication solution that takes your equipment's connectivity to the next level.
Our IoT ecosystem netFIELD is a direct application of these two technologies. With netFIELD, we make Industry 4.0 possible and bring your solutions to the cloud with our expertise.

Our technology at a glance
netX-Kommunikations-Controller von Hilscher auf einer Leiterplatte.
netX Technology: Overview

Our netX communication controllers are your gateway to industrial communication. Their multiprotocol capability is unique on the market and the basis for network-integrating countless machines worldwide. As a turn-key product or highly integrated into your application, we have the right solution for you.

Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.
Industrial IoT

An overview of our Managed Industrial IoT platform: netFIELD is your IIoT edge infrastructure for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions. It enables you to make your machine data accessible and the necessary software and hardware centrally manageable.

netX 52 chips mounted on printed circuit boards.
Firmware (NXLFW)

Our netX technology enables machines around the globe to communicate reliably and flexibly with each other. The chips are often in the foreground, but it is our flexible loadable firmware NXLFW that makes them so unique and multiprotocol capable.

Two Hilscher employees standing behind a glass panel discussing a project.

Hilscher's communication solutions are used worldwide in a wide variety of industries. Whether for fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet systems as master or slave applications, a modern cloud infrastructure or additional services and support during the development phase, we have the right solution for you.

Employee sitting on the back of a couch in Hilscher's office building.
Success Stories

Our solutions enable machines all over the world to communicate autonomously and securely with each other. From communication controllers, PC cards and embedded modules to network analysis and Industry 4.0, we make industrial communication possible.