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Plant Operator

Efficient production processes and new business benefits

Data acquisition and analysis tools as well as the IoT allow you to tap into the full potential of your production data for a more efficient operation of your production plant. Irregularities in the production processes and unplanned maintenance work cause production downtimes and result in high costs. As a specialist in industrial communication technologies, our range of products and services give you the tools you need to keep your production up and running.

We offer products for passive Ethernet telegram recordings and for continuous diagnostic access points in the field. We also offer netFIELD, a hybrid cloud and edge ecosystem that equips your machines and plant equipment with IIoT functionality. Our netFIELD Cloud, the user-friendly netFIELD portal, dedicated software, and scalable gateway hardware provide a solid foundation for Industry 4.0 services for you and your customers. This allows you to aggregate extensive data from your distributed devices regardless of their location, so that you can optimize your processes. By remotely monitoring your equipment and deploying software containers to your edge devices, you're able to create many new benefits.


Challenges for plant operators
Data aggregation without backlash on your network traffic

You and your customers depend on reliable data collection, spanning process values, usage and network jitter. Our data collection and network analysis tools have a proven track record. They allow you to passively access your Real-Time Ethernet system, reliably supplying diagnostic data.

Central monitoring

Collecting and synthesizing machine and systems data across several locations can be very time-consuming. Our netFIELD ecosystem gives you the tools you need for central monitoring and data visualization with configurable dashboards in our cloud portal.

Individual IoT applications

Individual production systems require specific IoT applications for process analysis and optimization. netFIELD Cloud lets you easily implement many basic service applications such as remote device management. This in turn lets you develop your own container-based applications, which you can then deploy directly on the edge devices.

Hilscher: empowering communication

With decades of professional experience and expertise in industrial communication technologies to draw from, we provide the tools and services you need to smoothly operate your systems. We deliver a comprehensive IoT ecosystem, so you never lose track of your data or production processes. It allows you to maximize production efficiency, optimize processes and generate new value. Our netFIELD Cloud, the user-friendly netFIELD portal, dedicated software and scalable gateway hardware provide a unified foundation for future-oriented IoT projects. End-to-end managed services also enable centrally provisioned workloads to be scaled at the edge. With this hybrid cloud and edge model, you set the course for efficient operation of your production plant.

Solutions for smooth and efficient operation of production plants

Our netFIELD ecosystem of hardware and software solutions and related services provides a global holistic solutions approach to the IoT connectivity of production plants. It enables you to link your distributed devices to your smart factory in order to generate tangible business assets derived from the extensive process data. Our powerful netFIELD Edge devices serve as smart interfaces between the field layer and the cloud. They enable you to aggregate, process or transfer extensive data from your customers' distributed OT devices. You can either upload these to the cloud or process them locally via Docker applications, which you can easily roll out centrally using our data infrastructure.

Our netFIELD Cloud serves as a central instance for managing your data, devices and container applications. The easy-to-use self-service portal provides a selection of turn-key applications. In line with Hilscher's main focus, applications for industrial communication are given prime importance. You are also empowered to develop your own individual, application-specific containers to meet your own needs.

We also deliver proven tools for on-site data acquisition and analysis of the data gleaned from Real-Time Ethernet networks. Our easy-to-use netANALYZER analyzes your Real-Time Ethernet networks. Thanks to the intuitive, graphical user interface netANALYZER Scope, you get an overview of your network independent of the protocol or application. This allows you to measure key data such as process values, usage and jitter without affecting the network and PLC. The powerful trigger function lets you leave the device unattended while receiving telegram snapshots for defined trigger events.

With netMIRROR, you have a permanent diagnostic access point that allows you full passive network access. It mirrors all your network traffic without disconnecting the Ethernet connection. This lets you connect a diagnostic tool during operation without interrupting production. With these two tools, you can minimize downtimes and the costs they incur.

Your advantages with our solutions at a glance:
  • Gain access to our extensive and proven know-how
  • Holistic IoT portfolio
  • Scalable IoT models by organization size
  • Secure software provisioning via Docker containers
  • Minimization of downtimes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increase plant efficiency
  • Support and services