A PCB graphic with numerous peripherals mounted on it. At the front left side is a SPE connector hovering in front of the corresponding socket. Its cable is blue and changes to a stylized depiction of a data stream after a few centimeters.
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Single Pair Ethernet – simple connection technology

With Single Pair Ethernet, a new physical layer standard is finding its way into the world of automation. Single Pair means that only two lines are used for data transmission instead of the 4 of 8 in the CAT-5-100Mbit cable or all 8 lines of a CAT-6 cable. The IEEE 802.3 standard defines SPE for numerous bandwidths, with 10Mbit being the transmission rate currently in focus.
In process automation, Single Pair Ethernet offers the possibility of continuing to use the so-called trunk-and-track cabling in existing systems and thus transmitting Ethernet data via the existing two-wire cabling, thereby creating an IP network.
In discrete industry, such as factory automation, Single Pair Ethernet expands the range of options for integrating sensors into communication networks over long distances.
With Hilscher and netX, you can easily integrate SPE into field devices or controllers.

Variations of single-pair Ethernet

The IEEE standard 802.3 defines SPE topologies and transmission rates from 10Mbit to 10Gbit, among other things. In the industrial environment, the focus of SPE implementations today is on the 10Mbit standard.

The key features are:

  • Up to 1000 meters cable length
  • Point-2-Point (T1L) or multidrop solutions (T1S, then with max. 15m cable length)
  • Compact dimensions of the connector face for highly integrated devices
  • Optional Power over Data Line (PODL) for power supply up to 50W
  • Pure physical layer standardization, compatible with MAC layer


Single Pair Ethernet with netX 90

The implementation of SPE is very simple with netX 90. In our netXStudio development environment, the pinout is configured so that the MII interface is set externally instead of the internal PHY. The 10Mbit T1L PHY from different manufacturers are connected to this interface. Hilscher's firmware is prepared for various communication standards that have already integrated SPE into their architecture. With our development board you can start immediately and integrate SPE into your field device.


Your advantages
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Short development time

Configuration, qualified components and proven netX Studio development environment with firmware.

Reduced effort for your solution

Start your SPE development based on proven circuits and components.

Efficient hardware

SPE or 100Mbit Real-time Ethernet with assembly variants and firmware replacement - quick and easy.

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