Media Switch SPE to RTE

Connects Single Pair Ethernet networks with Realtime-Ethernet protocols
  • Conversion between 10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s signals within Industrial Ethernet networks

  • Connects SPE devices to RTE networks thus merging IT and OT connectivity

  • Supports PROFINET IO-Device & EtherNet/IP Adapter for 10BASE-T1L and 100BASE-TX networks

  • Device variant with connector IEC 63171-2 ot IEC 63171-6

  • The compact design reduces wiring

  • Supports cable lengths up to 1000 m

One device - many applications

The SPE Media Switch converts different speed grades within Industrial Ethernet networks and converts between 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and the (10 Mbit/s) long-range Single Pair Ethernet standard 10BASE-T1L according to IEEE 802.3cg.

The SPE Media Switch enables many applications: The integration of new SPE devices, like sensors or actuators, into brownfield installations using superordinate Real-Time-Ethernet protocols PROFINET or EtherNet/IP. Thus, it is a fast and efficient method to provide the PLC with additional sensor data from the field based on SPE technology within an existing network topology.

Vice versa, it is possible to connect legacy devices based on Fast Ethernet to a superordinate SPE network. The installation of the SPE Media Switch is focused on sustainability, i.e. existing and expensive field devices will be reused and connected to a new SPE network installation.

Moreover, additional sensors can be added to existing machines without using the control network (OT network). IoT functionality can thus be added independently to higher levels in the automation pyramid by measuring extra parameters for further processing to improve predictive maintenance use cases.

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Media Switch SPE to RTE