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Responsibility for our environment and for future generations is one of our principles. That is why Hilscher also seeks to meet the greatest challenges of our age: To implement climate protection and sustainability both in the development and manufacture of our products and in our day-to-day work.


As a result of climate change and the ever-increasing influence of humans on nature, biodiversity is declining in many regions. This comes particularly at the cost of domestic animals, whose habitat and food supply are shrinking at an ever greater rate.

For that reason, we offer a wide range of food sources and extensive safe havens on our grounds on the Hattersheim site, which have been designed with nature in mind, such as a large wildflower meadow and insect hotel, as well as fruit trees.

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Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001

Our environmental management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. This is how we systematically anchor environmental protection in our management and ensure that it is taken into account in all day-to-day tasks and corporate policy decisions.

The aim is to reduce our environmental impact and continuously improve our environmental performance.

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Production in Germany

Hilscher products are manufactured in our own SMD production facility in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt/Main.  It meets the most modern requirements and undergoes continuous optimization. In addition, adjustments and repairs to our products can be carried out directly on our premises, saving long shipping distances.

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Resource conservation

At our sites we make responsible and efficient use of resources. This is ensured through regular monitoring.

Our cross-departmental environmental team continuously identifies potential for optimization that will contribute to the conservation of resources. Measures such as the installation of a PV system, the installation of LED panels, and the modernization of sanitary facilities have already been implemented.

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Food – sustainable and organic

Our daily consumption of food also plays a role in the consideration of our ecological footprint. That is why we rely on fair-trade products that meet sustainability standards for the food we provide, such as water, coffee, tea, milk, and meals. Preference is given to regional and organic products. This has also led to some of our employees making the switch to plant-based alternatives to dairy.

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Transportation generates a large proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is why we promote and encourage the purchase of electric vehicles for our fleet. Our travel policy promotes environmentally-friendly travel.


We use the available space on our premises to expand our photovoltaic system. This enables us to generate our own power, covering part of our electricity requirements.

Climate neutrality

We want our business activities to be completely climate-neutral. To this end, we are currently working on a company action plan to make our production in Germany more sustainable.


In order to avoid unnecessary packaging waste, we insist on reusability when designing the product. Preference is given to the use of returnable packaging and Euro-pallets. To ensure good recycling, we do not use composite materials. Our filler material consists of 100 % biodegradable natural corn starch chips.

Substance restrictions

Hilscher monitors compliance with the legal requirements applicable for our products with regard to restrictions on certain substances. These include:

How we promote sustainability with industrial communication

As a company, we employ targeted measures in order to minimize our ecological footprint. Our products too, though, are playing their part in reducing greenhouse gases. To give an example, the maintenance of machines is being optimized through new technologies within the scope of Industry 4.0, allowing the number of service trips to be reduced. In addition, updates for machines can be managed and rolled out centrally and remotely.

Moreover, information technology is responsible for approximately one tenth of the world's energy consumption, with some studies putting the proportion even higher. However, a large part of this energy is not converted into computing power, but is instead lost to the converter, power distributor or cooling system.

In our efforts to make our products as efficient as possible, we are trying to reduce power consumption in factories around the world.

Sustainability of our products

We pursue sustainable production and strive to keep the CO2 footprint of our products as low as possible. This covers the entire life cycle, from the supply chain through production, all the way to disposal.
The good quality and long service life of our products ensure that resources are protected and waste is minimized. 

We carry out inspections and repairs in house through our RMA process. High priority is given to avoiding waste in the first place.



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We will respond to all your inquiries regarding restrictions on substances and look forward to your e-mail:

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As a family business, social values are deeply rooted in Hilscher's structure and mindset. In addition to our economic success, our corporate mission is to be a responsible corporate citizen and to do our part to contribute to society. It defines what we do everyday.

Production of the netFIELD Device at Hilscher in Hattersheim.

Would you like to return a product? No problem. Here you will find everything you need to know about our return procedure (RMA).