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Warehouse logistics expert (Apprenticeship)

Apprenticeship08/2023Hattersheim am Main

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So how does a warehouse actually work? What are all the necessary steps in ensuring that the right products and orders arrive in the hands of the right customers? Warehouse operators and warehouse logistics specialists play a central role within our company. At Hilscher, not only will you learn how the logistics processes are coordinated in a large company, you'll also learn all about international production processes, the semiconductor industry and industrial communication.

Effective immediately, we're looking for an apprentice in the field of warehouse logistics and warehouse logistics management!


As a second-generation, family owned and operated business, Hilscher is one of the world's leading and most successful technology and solution providers in industrial automation. It is our mission to shape the future of industrial communication with our know-how, experience and innovation. In what is an increasingly connected world, we work every day to unleash the full potential of industrial communication.

We know that our teamwork is the key to success! That's why committed and inspired employees are at the heart of what we do.

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Your apprenticeship with us will start on August 01. On your first day, you'll be introduced to the company and given all the basics of what you need to know for your apprenticeship at Hilscher. You'll be acquainted with other trainees and your first colleagues.

In the following days, you'll get your first taste of your new day-to-day work. You'll work together with different colleagues in various departments, who are there to guide you through your apprenticeship with hands-on training, and to answer any questions you may have.

Of course, you'll spend most of your time working in our logistics department during your apprenticeship. But in addition to that, you'll also gain valuable experience in:

  • Production
  • SMD production  
  • Inspection & repair  
  • Purchasing
  • SOP Customer Center


As you can see, at Hilscher you'll get to know different departments throughout your apprenticeship, so it never gets boring!

Expertise for your future career

During the final months of your apprenticeship, you'll be placed in your specialist department. This is where you'll consolidate your knowledge in this area, work independently on a project and thoroughly prepare for your final oral examination. In most cases, the specialist department is the department in which our apprentices would like to work after completing their apprenticeship. But we'll work together with you in choosing the specialist department that's right for you.
As a warehouse operator, your training will take 2 years. The apprenticeship as a warehouse logistics specialist takes 3 years. You will attend vocational school alongside your apprenticeship that will prepare you for your interim and final written examination. You will attend the Feldberg School in Oberursel. You also have the opportunity to shorten the duration of your apprenticeship by getting good grades in school, as well as a good evaluation at work.


We're looking for open-minded and bright people with a thirst for knowledge who can envision a future that is not unidimensional, either only in a technical or business field.


Personal responsibility, teamwork, reliability and meticulousness are fundamental characteristics of all our young trainees. You're motivated to take on new challenges and take pride in helping to find and work towards solutions.


As an aspiring warehouse operator or warehouse logistics specialist in a high-tech industry, an interest in the latest technology and taking pleasure in manual work will serve you well.


To be accepted for the apprenticeship, you require a secondary school certificate (Realschulabschluss), preferably with good grades in mathematics, German, physics and English.

High-tech industry

0% boredom: With us, you'll be given exciting roles in a young, technology-driven company with room to shape your own future. Right from the start, you'll be involved in day-to-day operations and work actively with us.


100% planning security: We offer you a permanent employment contract with attractive conditions in one of the most promising industrial fields of our time.


Education is the key to your success, and ours. We encourage and facilitate continuing education opportunities throughout your time in our company. You won't have to worry about the costs of your textbooks either. We'll take care of those for you, and we'll also help you prepare for your exams!


Hilscher is the market leader in industrial communication, and we have an extensive partner network. Get a foothold in our industry and help shape the production of tomorrow!

Team spirit

Work in a motivated team with experienced and helpful colleagues. Working well in a team and respecting others is essential at Hilscher. Our colleagues will share all their specialized knowledge with you in a hands-on approach and answer any questions you may have.


You benefit from our flexible work time model with flextime and core working hours, giving you more freedom to organize your leisure time. Regular visits to trade fairs also give you valuable insights into the latest machine technology.

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At Hilscher, the application process includes a review of your complete application, an interview and a recruitment test. The job interview gives us the chance to get to know you personally. Of course, the meeting will also give you the opportunity to get to know us and the general basic conditions of the apprenticeship. In the final step, we'll test your knowledge in the subjects, math, German, English and business administration.

Do you have any question? Contact us, we are happy to help you!
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Your application and everything about working at Hilscher: our personnel department.

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