Hilscher's netRAPID 90 as Companion Solution reaches series production status

Hattersheim, 15. Mar. 2023 – With the netRAPID 90, Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH expands its chip carrier portfolio for industrial communication of highly integrated field devices. The embedded module is based on the in-house developed netX-90 SoC and is delivered already tested and preloaded with the desired protocol stack. It acts as a device interface, can be used immediately and enables companies to quickly enter markets with their solutions without development risk.

Ultra-compact communication module

The multi-protocol capable netRAPID 90 supports fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet and IIoT protocols in one design. It is soldered onto the motherboard like a standard QFP component. With its ultra-compact size of 15 x 32 mm and extended temperature range, it is suitable even for small sensors or robotics components. The energy-efficient module has only low power dissipation and is currently available for PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, PROFIBUS and DeviceNet. In addition, field devices can also be connected to the cloud by combining PROFINET or EtherNet/IP with an OPC UA server.  An additional Cortex M4 application processor as well as memory modules in various configurations enable efficient customization and a minimum of additional components.

In the coming months, Hilscher will successively expand the netRAPID 90 with further protocol variants. Preloaded modules with Open Modbus TCP, POWERLINK, CANopen Slave, Sercos Slave, CC-Link IE Field Basic are already in the starting blocks.

Hilscher – empowering communication

The high protocol variance enables our partners to offer their devices globally in all relevant markets without major adaptations. The simple design and the elimination of resource-intensive component management significantly reduce development and production costs. In times of material shortages and supply bottlenecks, this is an immensely important factor.

Simon Fischer

Product Manager Embedded Modules at Hilscher

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Use netRAPID to implement your slave interface quickly and securely. The netX chip carrier is the alternative to cost-intensive in-house developments.

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