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Industrial clerk (Apprenticeship)

Job description

Industrial clerks can be found in all commercial and business departments of an industrial company. They work in a variety of departments of the company. From materials management to HR, finance and accounting right through to marketing and sales, all doors will be open to you, once you have completed the apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship as an industrial clerk involves a combined period of work and training and is generally 3 years in length. During this three-year period apprentices attend vocational school and put what they have learnt into practice at their training company.

How will the apprenticeship be implemented at our company?

Your apprenticeship starts with us on 1st August. On the induction day, we will inform you about all organisational matters that you will need to follow during your apprenticeship at our company. On this day you will get to know both all our apprentices and your first colleagues.

You will get involved in the day-to-day work on the following days. You will work together with different colleagues in various departments, who will pass on the content of the apprenticeship in step with actual practice and are always willing to listen to you.

At Hilscher, you will get to know all commercial departments: purchasing, financial accounting, controlling, order processing, environment and quality management, sales and marketing. You will also spend a few weeks working in product management, as well as production and shipping to provide you with the opportunity to look outside the box and familiarise yourself with different areas of the company. At Hilscher, you will therefore spend your apprenticeship in all departments within the company – variety is guaranteed.

You will be placed in your specialist department during the final months of your apprenticeship. You will consolidate your knowledge in this area, work independently on a project and thoroughly prepare for your final oral examination. In most cases, the specialist department is the department in which our students would like to work after completing their apprenticeship. We will therefore look for your specialist department together with you and will take your wishes into account.

The period of your apprenticeship will automatically be reduced to 2.5 years if you have completed a (vocational) entrance qualification for higher education. If you perform well in the company and at vocational school, you will have the possibility of shortening your apprenticeship by a further six months to 2 years.

Alongside the apprenticeship at the company, you will also attend the Konrad-Adenauer school in Kriftel that is about a 15 minute drive from our company’s premises. Our apprentices attend vocational school in full-time blocks. This means that the theory and practical phases of your apprenticeship are separate and that you are able to concentrate fully on the theoretic content during the phase in education.

Who is the right fit for us?

We are looking for outgoing, bright individuals with a thirst for knowledge, who see their future in a commercial field. Our junior employees should count initiative, the ability to work well as part of a team, reliability and attention to detail among their personal qualities. You should enjoy new challenges and meet them with motivation, be happy to have a laugh and tackle work with enthusiasm.

To be accepted for the apprenticeship, we expect you to have successfully completed a vocational qualification for university entrance with good grades in maths, German and English.

Application process

The application process, for us, includes reviewing your full application, an interview and a recruitment test. The interview is about getting to know you as a person to evaluate whether you are a good fit for our company. Of course, the meeting will also give you the opportunity to get to know us and the general basic conditions of the apprenticeship. As a final step, we will test your knowledge in maths, German, English and commercial subjects gained at school.

What do our apprentices say about an apprenticeship at our company?

“Training at Hilscher is instructive, varied, and the family environment makes it a lot of fun. The team spirit and atmosphere among colleagues is an absolute highlight.”

“Hilscher offers a varied, informative apprenticeship with expert and helpful employees.”

 “I feel I am in very good hands at Hilscher thanks to the friendly and helpful atmosphere. I am very thankful to have been able to complete my apprenticeship here.”

“Hilscher offers a varied and informative apprenticeship within a pleasant working environment and helpful colleagues.”

The main points at a glance
  • Expert support by qualified staff in all departments
  • Support in one-to-one meetings
  • Feedback in appraisals
  • Secure and varied training with a chance of being hired
  • Further opportunities for training and to gain qualifications, both internally and externally
  • Intensive preparation for exams
  • Time to prepare for vocational school
  • Support with any questions that arise because of subjects from vocational school
  • Flexible working hours with set core hours (flexitime)
  • Good working atmosphere and a friendly environment
  • Acceptance of the costs of textbooks
  • Allowances for meals and travel expenses
Your personal contact for the occupation of industrial clerk
Mrs. Svenja Rimasch
Sales Operation & Trainer of Industrial Clerks (m/f/d)
Email:  srimasch@hilscher.com
Phone: +49 (0) 6190 – 9907-0
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