Remote I/O

I/O-decentralized automation always includes the replacement of discrete wirings by fieldbus or industrial Ethernet communication.

Remote I/O systems are highly integrated gateways between the field device connection and their communication standard and the discrete I/O area communication standards. Low latency and a high number of I/O connections on modular devices are important criteria.

Additionally some devices may require a strong CPU as well to run PLC functionalities as well besides the pure communication task or a fast backplane bus for modular I/O devices. .
All of this can be realized with our powerful netX network controllers with dual-core processor technique, extra CAN and MAC interface.

  • Designs with netX technology are extremely compact and allow small modular designs
  • Local I/O signals controlled by netX peripheral control unit from IP20 up to IP67
  • Connection of digital and analogue signals to the external network

Recommended communication Solutions from Hilscher:

netX 51 - Network controller for fieldbus slave and Real-Time Ethernet slaves with memory controller

netX 52 - Network controller for fieldbus slave and Real-Time Ethernet slaves

Hilscher provides design-in service for designing your device with communication inside.