Protocol Range of netX 90 broadens with Adoption of CANopen Slave

July 2021

Hattersheim, 07/19/2021The protocol range for Hilscher newest SoC is growing! Releasing the loadable firmware (LFW) CANopen Slave V5.1 for the world’s smallest multiprotocol SoC, the netX 90 as well as products based on it, such as modules, PC-cards and gateways, are now able to cover six different Real-Time Ethernet and three fieldbus protocols by the click of a button.


This once again underscores the unsurpassed flexibility and versatility of the world's smallest multiprotocol-capable communication processor developed by the Hattersheim-based and family-owned company. A simple change of the communication firmware is sufficient to adapt the netX 90 to almost any application!


Most recently, Hilscher had already released a very commonly used fieldbus protocol with the DeviceNet LFW. Alongside with the new release of CANopen Slave and the already available PROFIBUS variant, the netX 90 is able to cover the most important of the traditional fieldbus systems. And demand for such systems remains extraordinary high.


The CANopen protocol stack is compatible to the CiA V4.2.0 specification and offers numeroui very interesting features. For example, the integrated Object Dictionary allows for a dynamic creation of objects. Following the definition of the object register, the application does not need to deal with the administration of objects as the firmware completely takes care of it. Monitoring functionalities such as Node Guarding and Heartbeat increase the operational reliability of your systems while the automated identification of baud rates provides more flexibility.


  • Chip: netX90
  • netRAPID 90
  • cifX M.2 (not yet released)

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for further information on the new CANopen Slave Firmware Release: Hilscher Knowledge Base