Release of DeviceNet Protocol Firmware for netX 90

May 2021

Hattersheim, 05/06/2021 – With DeviceNet, Hilscher has extended the protocol range of the netX 90 with a new option. The new DeviceNet Slave firmware V5 implementation enables the smallest multiprotocol SoC as well as industrial communication modules based on it to cover six different Real-Time Ethernet and two fieldbus protocols. Thus, the Hattersheim-based company is demonstrating the unmatched flexibility of the netX 90 once again. Additional protocol variants as well as an implementation of DeviceNet on Hilscher's PC-cards are already in development.


In addition to the standard functionalities of a DeviceNet protocol stack, the newest firmware generation is offering extended functions such as attribute change indications, module network status objects and all the necessary features in order to implement the semiconductor profile. The uniform and consistent architecture of the firmware across all protocol variants facilitates the development of multiprotocol-enabled devices and applications.

The stack generation V5 for the netX 90 is accompanied by a new DeviceNet implementation for the SoCs netX 51 and netX 52. The firmware generation V4 for netX 51 and netX 52-based applications offers the same API as the V5 generation and thus a simple migration from netX 51/52 to the newest netX 90 technology.

Even though Real-Time Ethernet networks are increasingly popular in industrial communication, the demand for fieldbus technology is still high, which is why Hilscher is offering it for its newest netX iteration.

Please refer to our Knowledge Base for further information on the new DeviceNet Firmware Release: Hilscher Knowledge Base