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Whistleblowing and Reporting at Hilscher

Hilscher does not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct in business relations of any kind. We have clear guidelines in place to ensure compliance: we do not tolerate violations of any legal stipulation, company policy, or principle of our Code of Conduct, and we will deal with any such infringement appropriately. To maintain compliance, it is important to be informed about any misconduct engaged in by either our employees or our suppliers.

We have set up a whistleblower system where you can report known or suspected violations, even anonymously.


The whistleblower process

Use our whistleblower system to report unethical or illegal conduct in relation to our company.


After receiving the provided information, we’ll address the issue in accordance with all the necessary procedures. Confidentiality and protection of the whistleblower are our top priorities.


By tipping us off, you can help us to do the right thing as a company by uncovering and addressing inappropriate conduct to the benefit of our customers, our community, our environment and our own company.

Do you suspect any inappropriate conduct in our business environment? Here’s how you can contact us

Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH
Rheinstraße 15
65795 Hattersheim


Who can lodge a complaint or report concerns

-> Anyone who has evidence, suspicion, or proof of unethical or illegal conduct occurring at Hilscher or in our business environment can report it to us. This includes employees, organizations but also external entities.

What can be reported

-> Anything from mere suspicion to proof of wrongdoing—any information that will help keep us accountable is welcome. However, please do due diligence in ensuring that your suspicions are well founded.

Available options for reporting misconduct

-> At the top, you’ll find the options available to you to contact us directly. Choose the contact that is right for you.

Who will process your report

-> Our reporting office will process your report in compliance with all the necessary procedures. You will then be contacted later if any further information is required.

How we ensure that your report remains confidential

-> We treat all complaints and suspicions with the utmost care. Confidential data may be disclosed only if necessary and legally permissible. Our managers are also obligated to forward confidential reports to our reporting office.


Further information

The whistleblower system accepts concrete indicators of potential misconduct by employees or suppliers. We ask for your understanding that the whistleblower system cannot be used to accept, process or forward customer concerns.

Contact Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH

If you have a concern or feedback regarding a product or service, please contact:

E-Mail: info@hilscher.com

or use the contact form to contact support.

Hilscher Code of Conduct

In our day-to-day actions we readily acknowledge our responsibility to society. As a company, it is our duty to have a positive impact on society and the quality of life of the people around us. For that reason, we have committed ourselves to the Code of Conduct (CoC) of the German Electro and Digital Industry Association (ZVEI). The industry guide sets out how we take responsibility for our business activities.

Privacy policy for our whistleblower portal

Processing of data entered/provided by you

We use the information you provide as part of the whistleblower system for the purpose of verifying and documenting reports, for internal investigations (including forwarding to external lawyers, auditors or other professionals obliged by professional law to maintain confidentiality, as well as to affected parts of the company) and, if necessary, for forwarding to government agencies (such as the police, public prosecutor's office or courts).

We assure all whistleblowers that their information will be handled confidentially. The legal basis is the fulfillment of legal obligations pursuant to Art. 6 Abs.1 S.1 lit. c DSGVO.