SDK OI4 Core Library

Development kit for OI4-compliant edge applications
  • Effortless development of interoperable OI4 edge apps

  • Ensuring OI4 conformity according to the official development guideline

  • Reduced development times without profound technical OI4 knowledge

  • Replicable app results of high quality in case of multiple use

  • Including a one-day in-house training

OI4 Core Library, the Software Development Kit (SDK), simplifies and standardizes the development of Open Industry 4.0 Alliance compliant apps. According to the OI4 Development Guideline, developers can model a complete app using the powerful API of the SDK. This app can communicate on the MQTT bus according to the specification. The SDK considerably accelerates the development process and avoids basic implementation errors already when the development starts.

The kit makes the programmer’s job easier wherever possible by performing tasks on the MQTT bus that otherwise the app would have to carry out. When publishing, the kit encodes the JSON payloads based on OPC UA PubSub, accesses the MQTT topic namespace according to the guideline, and autoresponds to the readable informational topics of the app.

To transmit the payload more effectively, the SDK has a send list and a receive list. The app configures both lists via API. The kit handles the lists autonomously. This minimizes the effort of the app in normal and permanent operation:

  • Received data is transmitted via callback function.

  • When sending, only pure user data is transferred.

The one-day in-house training facilitates the start and gives the right impulse for a successful implementation. Prerequisite for participating in a training course are Linux, a development environment, knowledge of C++ programming language as well as container technology.



Scope of delivery

Source code and translated Linux libraries for architectures amd64, arm64, armhf


Hilscher source code and software license agreement

Programming language


Programming language wrappers

C# and others

Operating system requirement

POSIX compatible OS, such as Linux

API functional depth

19 functions

API mode

Asynchronous, processing cycle can be changed (default 20 ms)

Integrated MQTT client

Project "PAHO" by Eclipse


Open Industry 4.0 Alliance "Development Guideline for Open Edge Computing" V1.1.0

Automatically accessed OI4 resources

MAM, Health, Profile, License, LicenseText, PublicationList, SubscriptionList, Data, Metadata, Event

OI4 resources not yet supported

Config, RtLicense, Interfaces, ReferenceDesignation

Product name

Part number

Brief description



SDK OI4 Core Library