Real-Time Ethernet Switches

The netSWITCH device class couples conventional Ethernet systems with Real-Time Ethernet systems. Depending on the underlying Real-Time Ethernet protocol, the device integrates the Ethernet telegrams into the encapsulated Real-Time Ethernet system — or even beyond — in compliance with the standard. This allows your Real-Time Ethernet devices to be addressed directly from the conventional Ethernet system using the IP address. The device is ready for operation immediately — there is no need for further configuration. An intuitive web interface is available to users for status queries or optional configurations.

The Sercos Real-Time Ethernet system provides deterministic, jitter-free data transmission for controlling and synchronizing drives. Any Ethernet telegrams can be transmitted in the NRT (non-real-time) channel on the basis of a time slot process. For this purpose, netSWITCH synchronously integrates the telegrams into the Sercos network or, in the case of high data volumes, stores them temporarily in its 64 KB buffer memory. In addition to the two Ethernet ports for Sercos, the switch has an Ethernet port for connecting a notebook or other standard Internet-ready devices.


Gateway switch TCP/IP to Sercos Slave

Connects standard LAN network and Sercos ring