Gateway switch TCP/IP to Sercos Slave

Connects standard LAN network and Sercos ring
  • Tunneling of any TCP/IP telegrams into the Sercos ring

  • Ready for operation immediately without further configuration

  • Web interface for extended configuration

  • Easy installation into the Sercos ring via 2-port switch

The Sercos Real-Time Ethernet system realizes a deterministic, jitter-free data transmission for controlling and synchronizing drives. Parallel to this, any standard Ethernet telegrams are transmitted per time slot procedure via an NRT (Non-Real-Time) channel. These NRT telegrams must be transmitted in the Sercos network and buffered on a standard Ethernet network in case of a higher data volume. The netSWITCH provides these functions. In addition to the two Ethernet ports for Sercos, there is one Ethernet port to connect a notebook or other Ethernet-capable devices.

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Gateway switch TCP/IP to Sercos Slave