sensorEDGE FIELD - Edge IO-Link master with remote management option

IO-Link master with container engine and cloud support
  • Connection of up to 8 local IO-Link sensors

  • Freely usable CPU processing power of 1.6 GHz Quad-Core ARM 64-bit

  • Sensor data and information accessible via internal MQTT bus

  • Including IO-Link web configurator and data converter from IO-Link to MQTT

  • Extendable by IoT applications developed by the customer using any containers

  • Central device/container management possible via cloud portal

Instant-IO-Link solution for remote monitoring your sensor data

sensorEDGE is Hilscher’s solution for the fast remote monitoring of your machines. Equipped with two netIOL chips (an IO-Link master controller developed by Hilscher) and a cloud uplink, the sensor box allows the remote data monitoring and analysis of up to eight IO-Link sensors.

A power supply and an internet connection is all sensorEDGE needs. A complex setup of the PLC and the fieldbus system is not required.

As soon as sensors are plugged in and autonomously configured via the IODD (from an Internet file database), the sensor box transmits data into the cloud at 1-second intervals. The data can be visualized directly in the corresponding cloud web frontend or accessed via an API from any third-party application.

sensorEDGE is the ideal solution for retrofitting existing plants that have so far been controlled locally but never monitored remotely. The sensor box is compatible with all IO-Link sensors, that operate in accordance with protocol standard IEC 61131-9, and can thus be integrated with a minimum effort. The IP67-rated casing withstands the harshest conditions making it ideal for installations outside a switch cabinet close to your machine.

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sensorEDGE FIELD - Edge IO-Link master with remote management option