sensorEDGE FIELD - Edge IO-Link Master con opzione di gestione remota

Master IO-Link con motore container e supporto cloud
  • Collegamento di un massimo di 8 sensori IO-Link locali

  • Potenza di elaborazione CPU liberamente utilizzabile di 1,6 GHz Quad-Core ARM a 64 bit

  • Dati e informazioni del sensore accessibili tramite bus MQTT interno

  • Compreso il configuratore Web IO-Link e il convertitore di dati da IO-Link a MQTT

  • Estendibile con applicazioni IoT sviluppate dal cliente utilizzando qualsiasi container

  • Gestione centralizzata dei dispositivi/container tramite portale cloud

Edge IO-Link Master with app container environment

sensorEDGE FIELD is an instant solution that lets you monitor your IO-Link machines. Equipped with an Ethernet uplink port and eight IO-Link sensor ports, the IP67-compliant sensor box aggregates data from up to eight IO-Link sensors, making them available as MQTT messages. Using container technology and the edge computer in the device allow the MQTT broker to be moved directly to the device. In addition, separate containers are started on the device, e.g., for data processing or data forwarding. The optional edge management function allows both the sensor box and the software containers to be orchestrated via a central Internet platform.

An included base container automatically detects the connected IO-Link sensors and retrieves the IODD device description files via the IODDfinder portal and immediately begins the MQTT data transfer. Settings on the IO-Link sensors are configured via a web browser using another IO-Link configurator container.

sensorEDGE FIELD upgrades old and new plants and systems with Industrial Internet of Things functionality. Implementing projects such as long-term monitoring, predictive maintenance or detecting anomalies is made easy. Thanks to the IO-Link standard, the solution is compatible with thousands of IO-Link sensors, and being IP67 compliant, it can be installed directly into the machine without any bulky control cabinets.

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sensorEDGE FIELD - Edge IO-Link Master con opzione di gestione remota