Hilscher employee standing next to a robot and holding a comX module.

netMOTION – communication and drive control in one package

Empowering Communication


netMOTION – communication and drive control in one package

Today, modern drive technology is essential for your automation systems and Industry 4.0. Regardless of the application, drives must interact easily, flexibly and smoothly with each other in your automation network. To do this, you need drive devices with powerful interfaces for connection to modern fieldbus or real-time Ethernet networks.

Modern drive applications rely on compact decentralized control options with centralized motion automation.

This means high demands on your communication components:

  • Real-time capable communication of the drives
  • Compatibility for different motor types
  • Smallest dimensions for highly compact solutions
  • Easy integration

netMOTION is our comprehensive answer to all these challenges.


Your advantages with netMOTION
Reduced material costs

All-in-one communications solution with integrated motion control

Reduced design expenses

No redundant development for communication and motor control

Low latency

Especially important for field-oriented motor controls (FOC)

Control and network motors

netMOTION offers firmware-configured real-time communication with integrated
motor control for 3-phase BLDC or PMSM motors. The solution is based on Hilscher's netX-90 communication controller and uses the 100 MHz application CPU it contains to control drives. For this purpose, our chip includes additional on-chip hardware:

  • 7-channel PWM with external trigger
  • dead time compensation and extensive trigger functions
  • four high-precision 12-bit AD converters with a conversion time of 2 µs
  • Encoder interfaces

The position feedback is based on Hall sensors or encoder signals.

On the communication side, netMOTION provides you with our netX technology. This means that you can rely on deterministic and network-synchronous control from the experts for your drive!

Target applications include...

... networked industrial pumps, fans or compressors

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Target applications include...

... small actuators such as valve terminals, encoders or actuators

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Target applications include...

... networked compact servo drives as well as hydraulic or pneumatic applications

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All components in one package

netMOTION is our offering for your motor control solutions based on our application-ready netX 90.

netMOTION includes a development board with interfaces to sensors, such as those required for servo drives. The motor with the power electronics can be directly connected via an additional interface. Also included is demo firmware with a sample FOC and a math library. With this, as well as with the included basic functions, you can quickly and easily network your drives in real time via the Eclipse-based development system netX-Studio.

In the following video, Niels Trapp sums up the advantages of our netMOTION solution:

Hilscher employee standing next to a robot and holding a comX module.
Industrial communication for your drives

Regardless of their individual application, modern drives in an automation network must interact with each other easily, flexibly and seamlessly. Drive units are dependent on high-performance interfaces for connecting to modern fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet networks.

Communication solutions for machine and plant construction

Due to the increasing network integration in the production chain, the machine and plant engineering industry faces great challenges. But these challenges also offer new opportunities to harness unused potential. Learn how to do this with our communications solutions.

Multiprotocol Stack Secures Competitive Advantage

Drive manufacturer NORD DRIVESYSTEMS realizes more compact frame sizes and facilitates servicing

Communication controllers and printed circuit boards are extensively tested at Hilscher in Germany.
From the netX chip to the cloud – Hilscher technology

We make industrial communication possible. From legacy fieldbus to Real-Time Ethernet and the cloud. Our solutions are multi-protocol capable, flexible and reliable. Our solutions are based on our in-depth knowledge of automation technology, which is reflected in our technology.


Development board

netX 90

Smallest multiprotocol SoC