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The increasing integration of processes, machines and systems across many industries requires reliable communication solutions. With our wide range of products, services and solutions for fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet networks, we help our global partners realize their projects efficiently.

Our years of experience and expertise enable us to deliver the full range of solutions for seamless operation of industrial networks: from our innovative, multi-protocol netX communication controllers to the holistic netFIELD ecosystem for IoT environments and data acquisition and network analysis tools. With our versatile hardware and software solutions, as well as comprehensive services, we serve the entire supply chain of industrial networks, from planners to component manufacturers to plant operators.


netX 90 communication controller mounted on a circuit board.
Industrial communication solutions for component manufacturers

Modern production processes require reliable and real-time-capable communication solutions for component manufacturers. Find out how your components can also benefit from our solutions.

Communication solutions for machine and plant construction

Due to the increasing network integration in the production chain, the machine and plant engineering industry faces great challenges. But these challenges also offer new opportunities to harness unused potential. Learn how to do this with our communications solutions.

Hilscher employees in a meeting.
Planning automated production facilities

The planning of modern production processes is becoming increasingly complex in the face of advancing digitalization. We're ready to help you with the integration of all your components and networks.

Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.
IoT solutions for system integrators with Hilscher and netFIELD

The industrial Internet of Things requires a highly complex interplay of hardware, software and cloud components. You can count on reliable solutions from the expert.

A woman standing next to a machine and holding a Hilscher edge gateway in her hand.
Data acquisition and analysis: network-integrated locally and globally

Data acquisition and analysis, as well as the IIoT have great potential to make your plants and machines more efficient. Locally and globally networked through our decades of know-how.

Ein netX-Chip auf einer cifX-PC-Karte von Hilscher
Connectivity for industrial automation technology

Tomorrow's production requires communication between all components, devices, systems and plants involved in the production. We'll help you to master this challenge. With our solutions, you can connect all your automation components—regardless of the network standard.