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Industrial communication for your applications

Empowering Communication


Years of expertise for your application

In times of industry 4.0 and an increase of Real-Time automation, having all components connected that are involved in a process is becoming more and more important. This also applies to almost all applications: including controllers but also sensors and actuators, visualization and robotics components as well as IPCs and HMIs. To link all these different process-relevant components together in real time and to harmonize IT and OT systems requires smart communication solutions.

That's why we offer all form factors and industry protocols to provide you with the best possible solution for your application. From the industry's smallest PC cards for industrial communication to Hilscher's own netX-SoCs to our netFIELD Device IO Link Wireless technology, we cover the full spectrum of industrial automation.


Employee next to a control cabinet.
Communication components for controllers

Due to the increasing number of smart devices connected to the network, the volume of data in industrial networks is constantly growing. With our powerful communication components for controllers, you can respond flexibly to the growing challenges.

Equip field devices with industrial communication

Reliable communication between field devices is essential to be able to operate your devices and systems smoothly. When you choose Hilscher, you're relying on innovative and powerful products and customer-oriented services for the integration of your devices into all relevant networks.

Hilscher employee standing next to a robot and holding a comX module.
Industrial communication for your drives

Regardless of their individual application, modern drives in an automation network must interact with each other easily, flexibly and seamlessly. Drive units are dependent on high-performance interfaces for connecting to modern fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet networks.

Give your machines more freedom of movement without inhibiting cables – with IO-Link Wireless.
Networked sensors for the smart factory of tomorrow

The smart factory of tomorrow requires a wealth of data for networked production, which is collected by countless sensors. Our market-leading solutions enable you to integrate any type of sensor easily and flexibly into industrial communication networks.

Visualizing your IoT data

With modern cloud solutions, you can collect and centralize your data across multiple locations and online services and then graphically represent them in a meaningful way. With our netFIELD portfolio we offer you a comprehensive solution.

Modern robotics in industrial applications

The smooth integration of your robots into automated processes requires reliable, error-free communication of sensors, servomotors and cameras. Only with our industrial communication solutions is it possible for such a complex interaction.

cifX PC cards are the easiest way to integrate your systems into an industrial network.
Communication solutions for industrial PCs and HMI terminals

With Hilscher you can cover the entire range of industrial network protocols for your IPCs and HMIs with just one hardware solution—our multi-protocol capable netX communication controllers make it possible.