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Gateway Sercos Slave to SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT connectivity to real-time Ethernet SERCOS systems

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At a glance

  • Transparent I/O data mapping of a SmartWire-DT strand into SERCOS
  • Featuring full range of 99 SmartWire-DT stations per strand
  • Fast configuration button based SmartWire commissioning
  • Simplest SERCOS-Master commissioning via bus scan/SDDML file

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The gateway links a SmartWire-DT network trunk to a SERCOS network. As SERCOS slave the device is mapping each SmartWire-DT station and its process data modularly in separate IO Function Groups. Hence 252 bytes of input and output process data can be exchanged. The data of up to 99 SWD possible devices itself is converted transparently between both networks.

The connected SWD trunk is being commissioned using the configuration button on the gateway‘s front. Pushing the button will read the actual SWD topology, configures the IO Function Groups and stores them as target configuration in the gateway. The SERCOS master on the other hand is commissioned using SDDML device description files. They allow the user to synchronize the target and the projected configuration in the SERCOS master‘s engineering software. Also parameters of the SWD devices getting configurable and will be transmitted over the gateway to the devices during the SERCOS network start phase.

Eaton‘s planning and ordering tool SWD-Assist may be used optionally. It helps to dimension the SmartWire-DT trunk and may execute further SWD diagnostics. SWD-Assist is not part of the gateways scope of delivery. It can be downloaded along with the SDDML files free of charge at www.hilscher.com as package or be ordered as DVD inclusive USB cable at cost price.

Technical Details

Technical data EU5C-SWD-SERCOS gateway

GeneralPart number9233.923
(W x H x D)
35 x 90 x 127 mm
Weight160 g
MountingTop hat rail 35 mm (IEC/EN 60715)
Mounting positionVertical
StandardsIEC/EN 61131-2
Communication controllernetX 50 processor
Configuration and diagnostic interfaceMini-USB
Integrated memory8 MB SDRAM
4 MB serial Flash EPROM
Ambient mechanical conditionsProtection type
(IEC/EN 60529, EN50178, VBG 4)
(IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)
Constant amplitude 3.5 mm: 5 – 9 Hz
Constant acceleration 1 g: 9 – 150 Hz
Mechanical shock resistance
(IEC/EN 60068-2-27)
Semi-sinusoidal 15 g/11 ms: 9 Shocks
Drop to
(IEC/EN 60068-2-31)
Drop height: 50 mm
Free fall, packaged
(IEC/EN 60068-2-32)
Drop height: 1 m
Ambient climatic conditionsOperating ambient temperature
(IEC 60068-2)
-25…+55 °C
CondensationPrevent by suitable measures
Storage-40…+70 °C
Relative humidity, non-condensing
(IEC/EN 60068-2-30)
5…95 %
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)Pollution degree2
Electrostatic discharge
(IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)
Air discharge (Level 3): 8 kV
Contact discharge (Level 2): 4 kV
Electromagnetic fields (IEC/EN 61131-2:2008)80 – 1000 MHz: 10 V/m
1.4 – 2 GHz: 3 V/m
2 – 2.7 GHz: 1 V/m
Radio interference suppression (SmartWire-DT)EN 55011 Class A
(IEC/EN 61131-2:2008, Level 3)
Supply cables: 2 kV
Sercos bus cable: 1 kV
SmartWire-DT cables: 1 kV
(IEC/EN 61131-2:2008, Level 1)
Supply cables: 0.5 kV
Sercos bus cable: 1 kV
Radiated RFI
(IEC/EN 61131-2:2008, Level 3)
0,15 – 80 MHz, 10 V, 80% AM / 1 KHz
Supply voltage
Rated operational voltage24 V DC
-15 % +20 %
Input voltage residual ripple≤ 5 %
Protection against polarity reversalYes
max. current Imax3 A
Note: If contactors with a total power consumption > 3 A are connected, a power feeder module EU5C-SWD-PF1/2 has to be used.
Short-circuit strengthNo, external fuse FAZ Z3
Heat dissipationTyp. 1 W
Potential isolationNo
Rated operating voltage of 24-V-DC slavesTyp. UAUX -0,2 V
Supply voltage
Supply voltage24 V DC
-15 % +20 %
Protection against polarity reversal≤ 5 %
Protection against polarity reversalYes
Rated operational current I111 mA (with two participants)
Heat dissipation at 24 V DC2.66 W (with two participants)
Potential isolation between UPOW and 15-V-SmartWire-DT supply voltageNo
Bridging voltage dips10 ms
Repeat rate1 s
Status displayPOW LED
SmartWire-DT supply voltageRated operational voltage Ue15 V ± 3 %
max. current Imax0.7 A
Note: If contactors with a total power consumption > 0.7 A are connected, a power feeder module EU5C-SWD-PF2 has to be used.
Short-circuit strengthYes
Connection supply voltagesConnection typePush-in terminals
solid0,2 – 1,5 mm2 (AWG 24 – 16)
Flexible with ferrule0,25 – 1,5 mm2
SmartWire-DT networkParticipant typeSmartWire-DT master
SmartWire-DT Master ASICSWD-80P-RS485
Number of SmartWire-DT slaves99
Baud rate125 / 250 kBd
Address settingAutomatic
Status displaySmartWire-DT master: SWD LED, duo color red/green
Configuration: Config LED, duo color red/green
ConnectionsPlug, 8-pole
Plug connectorsBlade terminal SWD4-8MF2
Ethernet Sercos networkFunction of gatewaySercos Slave
Baud rate100 MBit/s
Interface type100 BASE-TX
Address settingBy project configuration
Status displaySercos LED: S,
duo color red/green (orange)
Connector socket2 x RJ45
Connector plugRJ45
Potential isolationYes

Technical data Sercos Slave protocol

Maximum number of cyclic produced data246 bytes (including 2 bytes Connection Control and 2 bytes IO Status)
Maximum number of cyclic consumed data246 bytes (including 2 bytes Connection Control and 2 bytes IO Control)
Sercos address1 … 511
Minimum cycle time250 µs (the reachable minimum cycle time depends on the number of input and output data used)
TopologyLine and ring
Communication phasesNRT, CP0, CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, HP0, HP1, HP2
Connections1 Consumer Connection
1 Producer Connection
Cross Communication (CC)Supported
Acyclic communication (Service channel)Read, write, and standard commands
Supported Sercos versionThird generation of Sercos
Communication specification version 1.1.2
Supported Sercos Communication Profiles (SCP)SCP_FixCFG (Version 1 and 2)
SCP_HP (Version 1)
SCP_SysTime (Version 1)
SCP_Sync (Version 1 and 2)
SCP_NRTPC (Version 1)
SCP_SIP (Version 1)
SCP_TFTP (Version 1)
SCP_Diag (Version 1)
SCP_Syc (Version 1)
Supported Generic Device Profiles (GDP)GDP_Basic (Version 1)
GDP_PWD (Version 1)
GDP_DiagT (Version 1)
GDP_Id (Version 1)
GDP_Rev (Version 1)
GDP_RST (Version 1)
Supported Function Specific Profile (FSP)FSP_IO
Reference to firmware version / stack versionV1.0.6 / V3.3

Ordering information

Product namePart numberBrief description
EU5C-SWD-SERCOS9233.923Gateway Sercos Slave to SmartWire-DT

SmartWire-DT Gateways integrate a single SmartWire-DT network trunk into a parent Real-Time Ethernet system as a single I/O device. Each SmartWire-DT device is represented as a subsequent slot within this I/O device. The cyclic process data is exchanged transparently between both systems.