Loadable Firmware PROFINET IRT-Controller

  • Ready to use firmware

  • Precertified protocol stack

  • Configuration via Host Controller or configuration software

  • Support of fast startup devices

  • Functional safety: Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP)

The Loadable Firmware (LFW) from Hilscher includes the complete protocol stack and real-time kernel rcX. The LFW is regarded as a black box and is used in so-called companion chip solutions. To enable the netX to implement a specific protocol, the LFW is simply transferred to the netX.

A software development on the netX itself is not required which reduces the time-to-market. A host controller, which accesses the netX dual-port memory, configures the LFW. Via the protocol packet API or a configuration file created by SYCON.net, a mailbox system then transmits the configuration data directly to the netX. As soon as the protocol stack is configured, it provides cyclic and acyclic data at the host interface.

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Loadable Firmware PROFINET IRT-Controller