netX 90 Chip Carrier - programming platform

Ultracompact netX 90 design - tested completely
  • Ultracompact slave interface in halfsize netRAPID format

  • One hardware for all Industrial Ethernet and fieldbus protocols

  • Host connection via fast SPI

  • Programming platform for efficient communication

  • Energy-efficient design for the extended temperature range

  • "Secure by design" by integrated crypto core

Ultracompact slave interface for secure field and cloud connectivity

netRAPID 90 is the rapid and secure alternative to a slave interface developed by the customer. The netX90 Chip Carrier is soldered to the host system in the SMD production process like a standard QFP part.

In addition to the proven and flexible multiprotocol processor for all common communication and IIoT protocols, netRAPID 90 also has a Cortex M4 application processor and is available in different memory sizes . Thus, netRAPD 90 is the ideal communication platform for customer-specific solutions with an integrated application – in one single design.

netRAPID 90 is available as a ready-to-use communication module with a fixed scope of functions and a preloaded protocol firmware and as a flexible programming platform to combine communication with application and customer-specific pin assignment.

Due to the automated Hilscher production process, netRAPID 90 can also be delivered preloaded as a service – ready-to-use with customer and application-specific content.

Owing to an integrated Crypto-Core, netRAPID 90 is well-prepared for future security functions, e.g. TLS for CIP security or secure boot as a protection against malware attacks. Thus, netRAPID 90 already is the ideal basis for secure field and cloud connectivity.

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netX 90 Chip Carrier - programming platform


netRAPID H90 Evaluation Board - Real-Time Ethernet & Fieldbus

Equipped with an NRP H90-RE\F8D8

Loadable Firmware PROFINET IO-Device


Loadable Firmware PROFIBUS DP Slave


Loadable Firmware Open Modbus/TCP


Loadable Firmware PROFINET IO-Device + OPC UA Server + MQTT Client


Loadable Firmware EtherNet/IP Adapter + OPC UA Server + MQTT Client


Loadable Firmware DeviceNet Slave


Loadable Firmware EtherCAT Slave


Loadable Firmware Sercos Slave


Loadable Firmware POWERLINK Controlled Node


Loadable Firmware CC-Link IE Field Basic Slave


Loadable Firmware CANopen Slave


Loadable Firmware EtherNet/IP Adapter