netIC Evaluation Board - Real-Time-Ethernet slave

An evaluation platform for all Real-Time-Ethernet protocols
  • Simple evaluation of netIC technology

  • One evaluation board for all Real-Time-Ethernet systems

  • Including all tools and documentation for evaluation

  • Includes the current netIC firmware for all protocols

Slave solution for field devices with a low data throughput

Simple field devices such as barcode readers, identification systems, valve manifolds, or I/O blocks require a connection to a fieldbus system or a Real-Time Ethernet system. Since these devices only have a low data throughput, the netIC uses a serial connection such as UART and SPI as a host interface.

NetIC is a complete single chip module with the compact dimensions of a DIL-32 IC. NetIC is based on the network controller netX and contains all components of a fieldbus or a real-time Ethernet interface with an integrated 2-port switch and hub. The netX technology covers the whole spectrum of the relevant fieldbus systems and Real-Time Ethernet systems. By loading another firmware, one single netIC can be used for several communication systems. With simple read-write commands, the payload is transferred to the application via the above-mentioned serial interfaces. The widely used Modbus RTU protocol is implemented as a serial protocol.

Since conventional shifting registers can be controlled as digital I/O-components via a synchronous serial interface, simple applications do not require a host processor.

Due to the Hilscher network controller netX, a 10-year delivery guarantee is granted.

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netIC Evaluation Board - Real-Time-Ethernet slave

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