Connecting different technologies has never been so easy.

Installations use different technologies or need a connection to another system. The reasons for that are manifold and it has always been a challenge since the number of possible combinations in the field is very high.

The solution is the netTAP gateway family. The netTAP gateways have different performance classes for different applications. Whether a simple slave needs to be added or a high performance master gateway is required. Or a dedicated PROXY for a PROFIBUS to PROFINET upgrade in existing installations.

Yet another combination can be realized with netSCRIPT. It enables the customer to implement almost any serial protocol.

  • DIN rail mount IP 20 gateway
  • IP 68 gateway solution for direct field mount
  • Master and slave solutions
  • Fieldbus to Real-Time Ethernet solutions
  • Dedicated PROFINET PROXY in a connector
  • Dedicated MPI to Ethernet conversion in a connector
  • Unique flexible configuration tool for all gateways