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sensorEDGE - The IO-Link-to-Cloud Sensor-Box

Sensor data monitoring and remote transmission to IoT applications

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At a glance

  • Instant solution for monitoring up to 8 IO-Link sensors
  • Data transmission to the cloud at a rate of a second
  • Automatic IO-Link configuration via Internet IODD file database
  • Central device management and data visualization via Internet portal
  • Cloud API for realtime data streaming into any remote application

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Instant-IO-Link Solution for Remote Monitoring your Sensor Data

sensorEDGE is Hilscher’s solution for fast remote monitoring your machines. Equipped with two netIOL chips – an IO-Link master controller developed by Hilscher – as well as a cloud uplink, the sensor box enables data monitoring and analyzing of up to eight IO-Link sensors simultaneously.

sensorEDGE simply needs a power supply and an internet connection. A complex setup of a PLC or fieldbus system is not required.

As soon as sensors are plugged in and are autonomously configured via the online IODD file database, the sensor-box transmits data into the cloud at a rate of a second. The data can either be visualized immediately in the corresponding cloud web frontend or streamed into any third-party application utilizing the integrated API.

sensorEDGE is the ideal solution for retrofitting existing plants which had been managed and operated locally but have never been remotely monitored. The sensor-box is compatible with all IO-Link-sensors that operate in accordance with the IEC 61131-9 protocol standard, simplifying the implementation of sensorEDGE enormously. The IP67-rated casing is able to withstand harshest environments and allows for a cabinet-free installation close to your machines.

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NFS-M8-QM-D2-N161915.230sensorEDGE - The IO-Link-to-Cloud Sensor-Box

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