cifX 80

Compact PCI

Compact PCI is the standardized, industrial version of the PCI bus. It offers impressively high data rates as well as a robust construction. Our compact PCI cards are based on the established PCI standard and are designed in 3U format for 19-inch racks. They are especially suitable for high-end systems or applications with a demanding operating environment.

Based on our netX 100 SoC, they can handle all relevant fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet protocols. Like all our PC cards, the compact PCI Express version has a uniform user interface for all protocols and formats. Our wide range of drivers makes the PC cards easy to integrate. Data access is achieved using a dual-port memory or direct memory access.


PC card CompactPCI - Real-Time Ethernet

Communication for PC-based automation


PC card CompactPCI - PROFIBUS DP

Communication for PC-based automation


PC card CompactPCI - CANopen

Communication for PC-based automation


PC card CompactPCI - DeviceNet

Communication for PC-based automation