Success Story: On the Hunt for Errors in Real-Time Ethernet Networks

A measurement tool that you can rely on is crucial when it comes to increasing efficiency. Without reliability, we are only able to make assumptions and cannot reliably find
errors. This is exactly where netMIRROR comes into play.

Hans-Ludwig Goehringer
Project Manager Fieldbus Systems and Industrial Networks at Leadec

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Comprehensive testing ensures reliability

To ensure the reliability of its tools, Leadec has developed seven different test procedures and examined 25 TAPs to date, of which less than ten percent have passed. Following the successful trial by fire and helping to find the lost telegrams at Leadec‘s customer, the industrial service specialist put netMIRROR through its paces and realized, that Hilscher’s solution met its high standards. As a completely passive device, netMIRROR does not interfere in any way with the network it is integrated into. Even in the event of a malfunction or power loss, the network and the plant remains operable, which makes netMIRROR a perfect solution for a permanent TAP.

Utilizing Hilscher‘s proven and reliable technology, the German industrial service specialist has established the foundation to further develop ideas of its customers. These include, among other things, integrating its knowledge and know how regarding troubleshooting into digital twins of machines. In order to realize and implement such ideas, Leadec must be able to rely on safe measuring equipment and its test readings.

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Key benefits of netMIRROR for Leadec:
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Short circuits, which occur frequently in many other TAPs, do not occur in the netMIRROR and are a seal of quality for Leadec in regard to the reliability of the device.


Proven by seven different measurement methods conducted by Leadec, meeting the high standards of the industrial service specialist.

Permanent solution:

netMIRROR is a passive test access point without any interference to the network it is integrated in, meaning it can be permanently installed.


Even in the event of a malfunction of netMIRROR, the underlying network remains stable and operable.

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