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Gateways & Switches for Industrial Communication

Gateways are used for transferring and converting data between 2 industrial automation networks of the same or different type. They offer a simple and cost-effective solution for any type of data conversion, whether used with fieldbus, Ethernet or Real-Time Ethernet systems or a combination thereof. This enables the efficient integration of devices and plant components into existing structures and the connection of systems and network components.

Our wide range of gateways offers a suitable solution for every application, from cost-optimized devices for simple and dedicated implementation to flexible high-end devices for demanding and individual conversion tasks.

Our gateways are available in 2 different versions. The netHOST, netTAP 50, netTAP 100, netTAP 151 and netSWITCH variants are ideal for installation in control cabinets or distributor boxes. They can be mounted on a standard 35 mm DIN rail according to IEC 60715 and are protected to IP20 requirements. Our netLink devices, on the other hand, are connectors designed for direct mounting, making them both very easy to implement and cost-effective.

The gateways of the netTAP series give you unprecedented flexibility when it comes to protocol conversions in communication networks.

The netHOST LAN gateway is used to control your fieldbus and Real-Time Ethernet systems through the conventional Ethernet.

Our gateways connect your SmartWire-DT devices and components into higher-level Real-Time Ethernet networks—saving you time with a flexible modular design. Save development costs and rely on intelligent wired solutions with SmartWire-DT and Hilscher.

netSWITCH enables you to connect conventional Ethernet systems with Real-Time Ethernet networks.

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Communication controllers and printed circuit boards are extensively tested at Hilscher in Germany.

We make industrial communication possible. From legacy fieldbus to Real-Time Ethernet and the cloud. Our solutions are multi-protocol capable, flexible and reliable. Learn more about how our netX software and hardware technologies work and how we make machine data accessible for you with our IIoT platform netFIELD.