Extbase Variable Dump
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   containerClassAttribute => 'input' (5 chars)
   elementClassAttribute => '' (0 chars)
   elementErrorClassAttribute => 'error' (5 chars)
   sortByOptionLabel => TRUE
   options => array(246 items)
      AF => 'Afghanistan' (11 chars)
      AX => 'Aland Islands' (13 chars)
      AL => 'Albania' (7 chars)
      DZ => 'Algeria' (7 chars)
      AS => 'American Samoa' (14 chars)
      AD => 'Andorra' (7 chars)
      AO => 'Angola' (6 chars)
      AI => 'Anguilla' (8 chars)
      AQ => 'Antarctica' (10 chars)
      AG => 'Antigua and Barbuda' (19 chars)
      AR => 'Argentina' (9 chars)
      AM => 'Armenia' (7 chars)
      AW => 'Aruba' (5 chars)
      AU => 'Australia' (9 chars)
      AT => 'Austria' (7 chars)
      AZ => 'Azerbaijan' (10 chars)
      BS => 'Bahamas' (7 chars)
      BH => 'Bahrain' (7 chars)
      BD => 'Bangladesh' (10 chars)
      BB => 'Barbados' (8 chars)
      BY => 'Belarus' (7 chars)
      BE => 'Belgium' (7 chars)
      BZ => 'Belize' (6 chars)
      BJ => 'Benin' (5 chars)
      BM => 'Bermuda' (7 chars)
      BT => 'Bhutan' (6 chars)
      BO => 'Bolivia' (7 chars)
      BQ => 'Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba' (32 chars)
      BA => 'Bosnia and Herzegovina' (22 chars)
      BW => 'Botswana' (8 chars)
      BV => 'Bouvet Island' (13 chars)
      BR => 'Brazil' (6 chars)
      IO => 'British Indian Ocean Territory' (30 chars)
      BN => 'Brunei Darussalam' (17 chars)
      BG => 'Bulgaria' (8 chars)
      BF => 'Burkina Faso' (12 chars)
      BI => 'Burundi' (7 chars)
      KH => 'Cambodia' (8 chars)
      CM => 'Cameroon' (8 chars)
      CA => 'Canada' (6 chars)
      CV => 'Cape Verde' (10 chars)
      KY => 'Cayman Islands' (14 chars)
      CF => 'Central African Republic' (24 chars)
      TD => 'Chad' (4 chars)
      CL => 'Chile' (5 chars)
      CN => 'China' (5 chars)
      CX => 'Christmas Island' (16 chars)
      CC => 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands' (23 chars)
      CO => 'Colombia' (8 chars)
      KM => 'Comoros' (7 chars)
      CG => 'Congo' (5 chars)
      CD => 'Congo, the Democratic Republic of the' (37 chars)
      CK => 'Cook Islands' (12 chars)
      CR => 'Costa Rica' (10 chars)
      CI => 'Cote d'Ivoire' (13 chars)
      HR => 'Croatia' (7 chars)
      CU => 'Cuba' (4 chars)
      CW => 'Curaçao' (8 chars)
      CY => 'Cyprus' (6 chars)
      CZ => 'Czech Republic' (14 chars)
      DK => 'Denmark' (7 chars)
      DJ => 'Djibouti' (8 chars)
      DM => 'Dominica' (8 chars)
      DO => 'Dominican Republic' (18 chars)
      EC => 'Ecuador' (7 chars)
      EG => 'Egypt' (5 chars)
      SV => 'El Salvador' (11 chars)
      GQ => 'Equatorial Guinea' (17 chars)
      ER => 'Eritrea' (7 chars)
      EE => 'Estonia' (7 chars)
      ET => 'Ethiopia' (8 chars)
      FK => 'Falkland Islands (Malvinas)' (27 chars)
      FO => 'Faroe Islands' (13 chars)
      FJ => 'Fiji' (4 chars)
      FI => 'Finland' (7 chars)
      FR => 'France' (6 chars)
      GF => 'French Guiana' (13 chars)
      PF => 'French Polynesia' (16 chars)
      TF => 'French Southern Territories' (27 chars)
      GA => 'Gabon' (5 chars)
      GM => 'Gambia' (6 chars)
      GE => 'Georgia' (7 chars)
      DE => 'Germany' (7 chars)
      GH => 'Ghana' (5 chars)
      GI => 'Gibraltar' (9 chars)
      GR => 'Greece' (6 chars)
      GL => 'Greenland' (9 chars)
      GD => 'Grenada' (7 chars)
      GP => 'Guadeloupe' (10 chars)
      GU => 'Guam' (4 chars)
      GT => 'Guatemala' (9 chars)
      GG => 'Guernsey' (8 chars)
      GN => 'Guinea' (6 chars)
      GW => 'Guinea-Bissau' (13 chars)
      GY => 'Guyana' (6 chars)
      HT => 'Haiti' (5 chars)
      HM => 'Heard Island and McDonald Islands' (33 chars)
      VA => 'Holy See (Vatican City State)' (29 chars)
      HN => 'Honduras' (8 chars)
      HK => 'Hong Kong' (9 chars)
      HU => 'Hungary' (7 chars)
      IS => 'Iceland' (7 chars)
      IN => 'India' (5 chars)
      ID => 'Indonesia' (9 chars)
      IR => 'Iran' (4 chars)
      IQ => 'Iraq' (4 chars)
      IE => 'Ireland' (7 chars)
      IM => 'Isle of Man' (11 chars)
      IL => 'Israel' (6 chars)
      IT => 'Italy' (5 chars)
      JM => 'Jamaica' (7 chars)
      JP => 'Japan' (5 chars)
      JE => 'Jersey' (6 chars)
      JO => 'Jordan' (6 chars)
      KZ => 'Kazakhstan' (10 chars)
      KE => 'Kenya' (5 chars)
      KI => 'Kiribati' (8 chars)
      KP => 'Korea, Democratic People's Republic of' (38 chars)
      KW => 'Kuwait' (6 chars)
      KG => 'Kyrgyzstan' (10 chars)
      LA => 'Lao People's Democratic Republic' (32 chars)
      LV => 'Latvia' (6 chars)
      LB => 'Lebanon' (7 chars)
      LS => 'Lesotho' (7 chars)
      LR => 'Liberia' (7 chars)
      LY => 'Libyan Arab Jamahiriya' (22 chars)
      LI => 'Liechtenstein' (13 chars)
      LT => 'Lithuania' (9 chars)
      LU => 'Luxembourg' (10 chars)
      MO => 'Macao' (5 chars)
      MK => 'Macedonia' (9 chars)
      MG => 'Madagascar' (10 chars)
      MW => 'Malawi' (6 chars)
      MY => 'Malaysia' (8 chars)
      MV => 'Maldives' (8 chars)
      ML => 'Mali' (4 chars)
      MT => 'Malta' (5 chars)
      MH => 'Marshall Islands' (16 chars)
      MQ => 'Martinique' (10 chars)
      MR => 'Mauritania' (10 chars)
      MU => 'Mauritius' (9 chars)
      YT => 'Mayotte' (7 chars)
      MX => 'Mexico' (6 chars)
      FM => 'Micronesia, Fed. States of' (26 chars)
      MD => 'Moldova, Republic of' (20 chars)
      MC => 'Monaco' (6 chars)
      MN => 'Mongolia' (8 chars)
      ME => 'Montenegro' (10 chars)
      MS => 'Montserrat' (10 chars)
      MA => 'Morocco' (7 chars)
      MZ => 'Mozambique' (10 chars)
      MM => 'Myanmar' (7 chars)
      NA => 'Namibia' (7 chars)
      NR => 'Nauru' (5 chars)
      NP => 'Nepal' (5 chars)
      NL => 'Netherlands' (11 chars)
      NC => 'New Caledonia' (13 chars)
      NZ => 'New Zealand' (11 chars)
      NI => 'Nicaragua' (9 chars)
      NE => 'Niger' (5 chars)
      NG => 'Nigeria' (7 chars)
      NU => 'Niue' (4 chars)
      NF => 'Norfolk Island' (14 chars)
      MP => 'Northern Mariana Islands' (24 chars)
      NO => 'Norway' (6 chars)
      OM => 'Oman' (4 chars)
      PK => 'Pakistan' (8 chars)
      PW => 'Palau' (5 chars)
      PA => 'Panama' (6 chars)
      PG => 'Papua New Guinea' (16 chars)
      PY => 'Paraguay' (8 chars)
      PE => 'Peru' (4 chars)
      PH => 'Philippines' (11 chars)
      PN => 'Pitcairn' (8 chars)
      PL => 'Poland' (6 chars)
      PT => 'Portugal' (8 chars)
      PR => 'Puerto Rico' (11 chars)
      QA => 'Qatar' (5 chars)
      RE => 'Reunion' (7 chars)
      RO => 'Romania' (7 chars)
      RU => 'Russia' (6 chars)
      RW => 'Rwanda' (6 chars)
      BL => 'Saint Barthélemy' (17 chars)
      SH => 'Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha' (44 chars)
      KN => 'Saint Kitts and Nevis' (21 chars)
      LC => 'Saint Lucia' (11 chars)
      MF => 'Saint Martin (French part)' (26 chars)
      PM => 'Saint Pierre and Miquelon' (25 chars)
      VC => 'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines' (32 chars)
      WS => 'Samoa' (5 chars)
      SM => 'San Marino' (10 chars)
      ST => 'Sao Tome and Principe' (21 chars)
      SA => 'Saudi Arabia' (12 chars)
      SN => 'Senegal' (7 chars)
      RS => 'Serbia' (6 chars)
      SC => 'Seychelles' (10 chars)
      SL => 'Sierra Leone' (12 chars)
      SG => 'Singapore' (9 chars)
      SX => 'Sint Maarten (Dutch part)' (25 chars)
      SK => 'Slovakia' (8 chars)
      SI => 'Slovenia' (8 chars)
      SB => 'Solomon Islands' (15 chars)
      SO => 'Somalia' (7 chars)
      ZA => 'South Africa' (12 chars)
      GS => 'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands' (44 chars)
      KR => 'South Korea' (11 chars)
      SS => 'South Sudan' (11 chars)
      ES => 'Spain' (5 chars)
      LK => 'Sri Lanka' (9 chars)
      SD => 'Sudan' (5 chars)
      SR => 'Suriname' (8 chars)
      SJ => 'Svalbard and Jan Mayen' (22 chars)
      SZ => 'Swaziland' (9 chars)
      SE => 'Sweden' (6 chars)
      CH => 'Switzerland' (11 chars)
      SY => 'Syrian Arab Republic' (20 chars)
      TW => 'Taiwan' (6 chars)
      TJ => 'Tajikistan' (10 chars)
      TZ => 'Tanzania, United Republic of' (28 chars)
      TH => 'Thailand' (8 chars)
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      TO => 'Tonga' (5 chars)
      TT => 'Trinidad and Tobago' (19 chars)
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      UG => 'Uganda' (6 chars)
      UA => 'Ukraine' (7 chars)
      AE => 'United Arab Emirates' (20 chars)
      GB => 'United Kingdom' (14 chars)
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      UZ => 'Uzbekistan' (10 chars)
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      WF => 'Wallis and Futuna' (17 chars)
      EH => 'Western Sahara' (14 chars)
      YE => 'Yemen' (5 chars)
      ZM => 'Zambia' (6 chars)
      ZW => 'Zimbabwe' (8 chars)
   fluidAdditionalAttributes => array(6 items)
      required => 'required' (8 chars)
      data-element-type => 'PardotCountrySelect' (19 chars)
      data-parsley-trigger => 'change' (6 chars)
      data-parsley-errors-container => '#cTA-netFIELDEN-34433-pardotcountryselect-1-errors' (50 chars)
      data-parsley-required => 'true' (4 chars)
      data-parsley-required-message => 'This field is mandatory.' (24 chars)
Hilscher: Industrial IoT
Hilscher netPI Edge Gateway in use.
empowering communication

Industrial IoT

The goals of Industrial IoT are to create transparency, increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve quality.

Our mission: we make your machine and process data accessible and useful so that they work for you!


Get in touch now!

Are IIoT services already part of your day-to-day business?

Imagine one of your customers is asking for a new software service that allows them to access the performance data of their machines from anywhere and at any time. He wants to assess and increase the efficiency of his machines.

Can your machines already handle that? Or do you have to manually collect the data on site in a time-consuming process? With an IIoT edge infrastructure from Hilscher, you’re well-equipped to meet the challenge.

Here's what to consider:
On the left side, an icon of a human with a line of code and gears can be seen. On the left side, several browser windows and a stylized shopping cart can be seen. In the middle is a red question mark.
Make or Buy?

Developing IIoT solutions can be very resource intensive: Complex requirements, difficult-to-solve challenges, lengthy certification and standardization processes, and a rapidly changing competitive environment. All this requires years of development work to come up with a finished solution on your own.

An icon of a human on top with a red light bulb and a network icon. on the bottom is a shopfloor depicted with four machines connected with a colorful stripe. An arrow poiints from the human and the lightbulb to the shopfloor.
Data intelligence on the production floor

In the context of IIoT, raw data needs to be transformed into some kind of tangible value. To avoid overloading your communications infrastructure, the software is placed as close to the machines as possible. This reduces your response time and makes IIoT solutions more efficient.

A blue circular arrow with a browser icon within. Around the circular arrow are four icons of machines arranged.
Roll-Out of software

Software has completely different lifecycles than hardware. As a manufacturer, you need to ensure that your software is always up to date and always ends up where it’s supposed to. Rolling out and managing software on the production floor from a central location is key to streamlining operations.

An icon of a human being on the left bottom side. On the right side of the picture you can see a cloud icon in blue with a network icon and several zeros and ones in it. The human is connected to cloud with a small red line.
Data ownership

Answering the question, “Where does my data go and who has access to it?” is more important than ever in an era of end-to-end connectivity. You need to be able to decide where the data goes and how it is processed. Use our platform or connect to other cloud services like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS). MQTT serves as the industry standard for the transmission of IIoT data.

A cloud with a network icon in and IIoT written beneath it is placed on top of the picture. Under it there are several zeros and ones in red. Below these, the icons of the protocols EtherCAT, PROFINET, OPC UA and EtherNet/IP can be seen.
Integration with automation networks

IIoT solutions typically require access to a plant’s automation network. As a component supplier, we’ve been developing industrial communication solutions for machines and networks such as PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP for more than 35 years. You can rely on our multiprotocol netX communication controllers and our expertise as a market leader.

A browser icon with zeros and ones  in red placed left and right.  In each corner of the picture a different icon of machines can be seen. From each machine goes an arrow to the browser windows in the middle.
Central access on edge device

Our management platform gives you centralized access to your edge devices, whether you use Hilscher devices or those from third-party suppliers. This allows you to access data down to the control-level of your machines, including their programming.

Use Industrial IoT with the comprehensive edge management platform netFIELD by Hilscher

Industrial IoT will only be a win for you if you manage to effectively leverage the data that is relevant to you. There are many ways to do this, but pitfalls such as unpredictable costs and highly complex development services lurk everywhere. You need a data infrastructure you can rely on, that is based on open standards, and that is readily available. This can be a single, comprehensive solution or made up of individual components that address your specific challenge.

An icon which with three arrows pointing to the left, top and right. On top of the icon, a cloud symbol can be seen. In the background a sensorEDGE gateway from Hilscher with a colorful and slightly transparent blue and red overlay.
Edge gateways connect, route, and process data close to the machine and draw the right conclusions for you.
An icon of a stylized PC display is placed slightly on the right in the picture. “Management” is written under the icon. In the background, some numbers can be seen as well as a color gradient from blue to red.
Central edge management at the click of a button. Manage entire fleets and applications throughout their lifecycle.
An icon of a PC display with "Apps" written below. The icon is placed slightly to the right in the picture. In the background, several lines of code can be seen. The background is very colorful in blue and red.
Versatile containers equipped with customizable connectors to your services. Production floor data converted to industry standards.
Managed Industrial IoT by Hilscher: Success Stories
A packaging machine from MULTIVAC.

MULTIVAC, the leading manufacturer of integrated packaging solutions, develops customer-oriented services with netFIELD, enabling higher machine availability

A pneumatic valve application with many cables and lines going about, disappearing into a cabinet on the bottom. On the far right side, AVENTICS is written on the device. In the background, you can see some green and blue boxes. The valve application is mounted on a sheet of metal.

Emerson, a world leading provider of automation technology and software, has enabled integrated OPC UA in their AVENTICS™ valve systems, simplifying IIoT integration and analysis capabilities with netX 90.

Thermal spray coating machine by Oerlikon.

Surface solution specialist Oerlikon Metco AG uses netFIELD to enable real-time data collection from industrial applications, such as thermal spray painting machines, from around the world.

A clean and bright inside of a factory with several machines lined up left and right. On two white rails at the upper half of the picture Güdel is written in red large letters. In the foreground, a sheet of metal lays on a conveyor belt.

Industrial systems specialist Güdel uses netFIELD to implement advanced IIoT solutions, ranging from monitoring specific wear points to a more holistic Industry 4.0 approach.

A man and a woman in high visibility vest are looking at a notebook, Both are wearing white helmets. In the background are machines.


Hilscher’s Flagship Store for the Open Industry 4.0 Alliance (OI4) Community brings the ease of app stores to the industrial world. Powered by Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter licensing, the store gives users access to a library of apps and solutions for their shop floor automation needs.

You already have an idea? Talk about it with us!

You have a specific challenge for which you would like to develop an IIoT solution? Do you already have a concrete idea of a product and are looking for a suitable IIoT infrastructure? Or would you like to learn more about netFIELD and how you can use it to your advantage? No problem, fill out the form below and sign up for a personal product demo with our experts!

Your personal netFIELD demo with our experts


I agree that my personal data will be used to contact me via e-mail or phone with further information.
Your hands-on approach to the IIoT with Hilscher
A testrack with a SIMATIC IPC, IO-Link sensors and Hilscher gateways for the virtual IIoT training center. On the bottom left side is a white stylized cloud with a Hilscher logo and a black outline..

Are you taking a hands-on approach and would like to take a detailed look at netFIELD in advance? No problem! Use our virtual IIoT training stations and get to know our technology.

Raspberry Pi Tutorial

Learn in this tutorial how easy it is to get started with our netFIELD Cloud! All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 with a Raspbian OS 10 or 11 and a netFIELD account. If you don't have a netFIELD account yet, you can get a free trial account here

9 icons of applications on Hilscher netFIELD.io Portal platform in a web UI. The background is dark with a gradient to white on top and vertical white lines al over the picture.

Test and evaluate the full functionality of our cloud platform with a 6-week trial account - no cost, no obligation! All you need to do is fill out the form, payment information is not required.

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