A netFIELD DEVICE IO-Link Wireless Master connected to a communication network and transmitting data from wirelessly connected IO-Link sensors.
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IO-Link Wireless technology packages

Our technology – your brand

With our netFIELD Devices for wireless IO-Link connectivity, you set the course for easy integration of IO-Link-compatible sensors and actuators—from the field level to the cloud. Our technology enables you to easily and reliably integrate these components into the conventional industrial networks PROFINET, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP.
Based on our extensive technical know how in industrial communication, we deliver a comprehensive concept for marketing our products under your own brand. Our white-label solutions and accompanying services enable you to expand your product portfolio at minimal development cost. Your customers will benefit from the many advantages of wireless IO-Link technology, such as:

  • Lower development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Access to our know-how and technology
  • Comprehensive solution – from the sensor to the cloud
  • Easy integration of devices
  • Different packages depending on your needs
  • Support and services


IO-Link Wireless in your production systems
Minimal installation costs

Point-to-point wireless connection enables the cyclic exchange of input and output process data between the master and up to 16 connected devices.

  • Automatic detection and configuration of sensors
  • Requires no additional PLC
  • Onsite configuration of complex sensors
Solution for demanding applications

Wireless technology offers more freedom of movement for robots, cobots and other machines. It also allows you to more easily integrate space-constrained applications thanks to fewer cables.

  • More freedom of movement
  • Less space required in confined spaces
  • No danger of contamination in hygiene sensitive areas
Avoid downtimes

Wireless data transmission technologies are immune to physical stress – for example, caused by moving robotic arms. Components are also easier to replace and maintenance times are shortened.

  • No cable breaks or damaged connectors
  • Integration into existing environments and plants
  • Easier maintenance
Gateway from the sensor to the cloud

Wireless data transfer technologies are becoming more and more important in the industrial environment. IO-Link, in particular, as a bidirectional communication protocol with extended maintenance options is establishing itself more and more as the new accepted standard. With our netFIELD Device IO-Link Wireless Master, you get a powerful OEM product based on our technological know-how that you're able to market under your own brand.
It acts as a gateway from IO-Link to Real-Time Ethernet and as an edge gateway for connecting to the cloud. Through these tools we offer you and your customers investment and future-proof security for future requirements such as remote device management. Additionally, IO-Link devices of all kinds can be seamlessly connected to the wireless master via our direct-sale IO-Link wireless bridge.

  • Highly flexible – can be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT networks
  • 16 Wireless IO-Link Devices per master – two parallel IO-Link Wireless transmission tracks enable simultaneous communication with up to 16 IO-Link Wireless devices
  • Reliable real-time communication – the shortest possible transmission cycle per device is 5 ms. With a wireless range of point-to-point communication of up to 10 meters
  • Simple pairing of sensors and actuators – Scan mode and pairing function for easy connection of all identified IO-Link devices
  • Simple setup – Configuration via the description files in the engineering tool or via the integrated web server
  • Integrated diagnostics function – Via OPC UA Server & MQTT client
  • IP67 compliant design – Connectivity and IO-Link integration for rugged environments


Our packages for your business case
Device branding

Easily integrate the finished Wireless Master with precertified protocol firmware into your own portfolio. The package includes individual printing of the IP67 case, ready-to-use packaging and the generic user manual. The branding specifications are also applied to the product configuration, the device description file, the device's internal web pages and the IO-Link development tool.

PCB branding

When branding a PCB, we'll provide you with a printed circuit board without a case. This you can design according to your own specific ideas. Additional services such as custom PCB design, branding of configuration tools or project management services are also available.

Additional packages

In addition to the basic branding package, we also offer additional add-on packages. These include modifications, conformance testing for protocol certification, additional sample devices, or the individual color selection of the case.

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Hand connecting an IO-Link cable to the netFIELD Device IO-Link Master

IO-Link is the standard for network-integrating smart sensors. Whether as a retrofit in legacy production systems or in newly planned production lines and machines, our products let you easily and reliably integrate your sensors into the network.

From retrofitting legacy systems to seamless integration of sensors in greenfield networks, IO-Link Wireless and netFIELD Device are the standard for your Industry 4.0 applications with state-of-the-art sensors.

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