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IO-Link Wired technology packages

Our technology – your brand

With our wired netFIELD Device IO-Link Master you can quickly and easily integrate smart sensors and actuators into modern production plants. It serves as an interface to the Real-Time Ethernet network and connects your field devices to the standard protocols PROFINET, EtherCAT or Ethernet/IP.
Market our technology under your own brand and expand your portfolio with minimal development costs. You can set the course for your customers to benefit from the numerous advantages our IO-Link Master has to offer.

Your benefits
As an OEM, our white-label products offer many benefits:

  • Lower development costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Access to our know-how and technology
  • Comprehensive solution – from the sensor to the cloud
  • Easy integration of devices
  • Different packages depending on your needs
  • Support and services


IO-Link technology for your production plants
Low installation costs

Simple cabling enables fast installation of all components. Additionally, the basic functionality of the IO-Link field devices is available immediately thanks to the automatic configuration.

  • Automatic parameterization
  • Requires no additional PLC
  • Onsite configuration of complex sensors

Bidirectional point-to-point communication allows the sensors to send their own diagnostic data to the master. This greatly simplifies maintenance tasks and remote diagnostics.

  • Easier maintenance
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Easy connection
International standard

IO-Link is a recognized international standard according to IEC 61131-9. The technology can thus be used universally and avoids proprietary solutions in your portfolio.

  • Higher availability of your machines
  • Easy device replacement
  • More efficient operation of your systems
Gateway from the sensor to the cloud

In the age of smart factories, smart sensors are now more important than ever. IO-Link meets all modern requirements and has become the state-of-the-art solution for bidirectional data transmission in industrial production.

Our powerful netFIELD Device IO-Link Wired Master class A is perfect for OEM rebranding. It acts as a gateway from IO-Link to Real-Time Ethernet and as an edge gateway for connecting to the cloud. Our netX technology—the standard for reliable and flexible Real-Time Ethernet communication—takes care of the communication to your Real-Time Ethernet network. Our own netIOL Transceiver connects the smart sensors to the master.

The netFIELD Device IO-Link Master then provides you with a high-performance and integrated network from the sensor to the cloud—flexibly and at low cost. Through these tools we offer you and your customers investment and future-proof security for future requirements such as the remote device management.

  • Highly flexible – can be seamlessly integrated into PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and EtherCAT networks
  • 8 IO-Link devices per master - The master allows you to connect sensors or actuators – both in IO-Link mode and in standard digital mode
  • Reliable real-time communication – fieldbus-independent point-to-point communication at three transmission speeds, over distances up to 100 m
  • Simple pairing of sensors and actuators - Simple connection of standard sensors and automatic configuration – the basic functionality is available automatically
  • Simple setup - Configuration via the description files in the engineering tool or via the integrated web server
  • Integrated diagnostics function - Via OPC UA Server & MQTT Client
  • IP67 compliant design - Connectivity and IO-Link integration for rugged environments

In addition to the IO-Link Master class A, we offer a second, purely digital version of our netFIELD Device. This also has eight M12 connections for connecting up to 16 digital I/O devices.

Our packages for your business case
Device branding

Easily integrate the finished IO-Link Wired Master with precertified protocol firmware into your own portfolio. The package includes individual printing of the IP67 case, ready-to-use packaging and the generic user manual. The branding specifications are also applied to the product configuration, the device description file, the device's internal web pages and the IO-Link development tool.

PCB branding

When branding a PCB, we will provide you with a printed circuit board without a case. This you can design according to your own specific ideas. Additional services such as custom PCB design, branding of configuration tools or project management services are also available.

Additional packages

In addition to the basic branding package, we also offer additional add-on packages. These include modifications, conformance testing for protocol certification, additional sample devices, or the individual color selection of the case.

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