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Edge Gateways

Edge gateways are intelligent data routers between the automation level and the information technology level. They aggregate, process or transmit additional IoT information of your production process completely autonomously. This is done either locally or in combination with a cloud in order to monetize insights gained on demand.

The secure operating system as well as freely loadable software modules as containers are what make our edge gateways intelligent. The devices and the software containers can both be optionally managed remotely via an Internet portal. This enables centralized and cost-effective installation, maintenance and monitoring of customized IoT edge solutions worldwide.

With our edge gateways, we have a device portfolio with various sets of features and performance classes. Running CPU-intensive applications, integrating directly into industrial networks as a field device or as a packet sniffer, and local wireless transmission are just some of the features of our devices. This paves the way for you to realize any Industry 4.0 projects according to your own individual requirements.

netFIELD Compact X8M - Edge Gateway with remote management option

ARM-computer platform for containerized applications

netFIELD OnPremise - Edge Gateway with remote management option

x86-computer platform for containerized applications