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Remote Master

The netHOST LAN gateways are used to control fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet systems using conventional Ethernet. The devices are used in conjunction with industrial PCs and embedded systems that only have Ethernet connections as an interface rather than PC card slots. Connected to the LAN port, netHOST functions as an autonomous, fully-fledged fieldbus or Real-Time Ethernet master, supporting both cyclical and acyclical communication services.

A simple TCP/IP-based transport protocol transfers the services between the controlling unit and the device. A dynamic link library (DLL) for Windows and a C source code for embedded systems make integration easy, and the API is consistent with Hilscher's PC cards. netHOST thus functions like a "remotely controllable PC card". The LAN technology enables two devices to be operated redundantly in combination, while a controlled switchover can be executed if one device fails or there is a line break. The memory card slot allows a replacement device to be loaded from a memory card in a matter of seconds. Finally, your maintenance personnel can put this into operation without additional software.

Ethernet LAN Real-Time Ethernet multiprotocol

LAN-controlled Real-Time Ethernet Master for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN EtherCAT Master

LAN-controlled EtherCAT Master for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN EtherNet/IP Scanner

LAN-controlled EtherNet/IP Scanner for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN PROFINET IO-Controller

LAN-controlled PROFINET IO-Controller for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN CANopen Master

LAN-controlled CANopen Master for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN DeviceNet Master

LAN-controlled DeviceNet Master for the DIN rail

Ethernet LAN PROFIBUS DP Master

LAN-controlled PROFIBUS DP Master for the DIN rail