Hilscher is committed to open standards and flexible solutions in leading associations such as the OI4.
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Rooted in Germany but branching out across the globe: Hilscher is a 2nd generation family-owned business that has been passionate about communication technology for over 35 years. Since the company's founding, Germany has been and remains home to our development and production facilities. From these roots we have grown continuously and developed into an international company. With netX we've created a standard in communication technology. From hardware to the cloud, from legacy systems to innovative solutions for industry 4.0, we cover the entire spectrum of industrial communications.

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Hilscher: stronger together for a better future
What belongs to us

Industrial communication is in constant flux. New trends emerge, old technologies become obsolete. If you want to be successful, you have to stay on the ball. From fieldbus to industry 4.0, we've been driving innovation for 35 years.

We strive to provide the best possible service to every customer. With our network of locations around the world, we're able to respond appropriately to specific individual requirements and we're familiar with the needs of companies in a wide variety of markets.

Sustainability at Hilscher
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For Hilscher, as a leading supplier of industrial communication technologies and solutions, it is our mission to create sustainable and sensible, long-term solutions for our customers. In accordance with today's standards, we're working hard to design products and their production process efficiently.

Social responsibility
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As a family business, social values are deeply rooted in Hilscher's structure and mindset. A responsible approach and contribution to society is a declared corporate goal alongside economic success. That is why we consistently focus our work on universal principles such as respect for human rights and a ban on child labor. However, specific guidelines such as the avoidance of conflict minerals are also of central importance to us.