Expansion of Hilscher's edge gateway product portfolio to include a secure boot device

August 2022

Hattersheim, 04.08.2022 – Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH has released its "netFIELD Compact X8M" for series production, expanding its edge gateway line of products to include a device with secure boot capability.

Hilscher edge gateways of the netFIELD class are YOCTO Linux-based modules with a web interface, which are available in various hardware versions. These gateways are where your IT and OT converge. The user can flexibly deploy any application as a Docker container to run on your devices. Docker containerization technology is today’s safe standard for managing your software throughout its lifecycle, especially in relation to industry 4.0, automation and IoT services.

The special feature of Hilscher edge gateways is their dual, pre-installed Docker Engine. One of these Engines is controlled locally and manually via a console or web interface, while the other can be optionally controlled remotely via the cloud. Using the netfield.io portal, software roll-out processes can be carried out and managed for an entire fleet of devices using any container. Services such as remote login, OS software updates, container data forwarding via the cloud and even portal instantiation, as well as customization for OEMs, are available.

netFIELD Compact X8M is the first Hilscher gateway that provides security the moment you turn it on. Secure boot ensures the authenticity of the software at all times, especially for unattended operation in remote locations. All Hilscher edge gateways also offer many of the other features of the IT security standard IEC 62443, such as password protection, encrypted data transfer, user administration, logging, and many more.