Success Story: Product Development based on the netX 90

To develop its first own product, the engineering firm kumkeo GmbH chose the world‘s smallest multiprotocol chip from Hilscher, the netX 90.

The requirements for the desired solution were clear to the customers from the wind energy sector: two rotary encoders of a wind turbine provided their data via a BiSS safety interface, while the higher-level controller expected the measurement data to be provided via PROFINET and PROFIsafe. A reliable and, above all, secure protocol converter had to be developed to convert the data received from the sensors to a signal expected by the controller.

kumkeo developed a series production-ready product, the BiSS Safety 24 Volt > PROFINET/PROFIsafe protocol converter in a record time of just nine months. The protocol converter supplies two BiSS safety sensors with 24 volts and reliably reads out their values. The data obtained as a result, based on the netX 90, is made available to the safety controller via PROFINET/ PROFIsafe.

One further hallmark of the netX 90 SoC is its multi-protocol capability. This flexibility enables the engineering firm to develop further customized versions of the protocol converter as well as other products within a short space of time.

A grey box with several connectors up front.

Benefits of kumkeo’s Protocol Converter:


  • Short development cycles thanks to an adaptable platform
  • Maintenance-free
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • Mounted on top-hat rail (DIN rail)
  • Indication of the system and communication status via LED
  • Option: integrated power supply for sensors and actuators
  • Option: hardened IP67 version for outdoor use
A black netX 90 chip mounted on a green PCB.
Logo kumkeo GmbH

We were able to put our first protocol converter into series production in a record time of just nine months based on the netX 90 as a certified product. The multi-protocol capability of the netX 90 allows further products and variants of the converter to be developed quickly. The decision to opt for the netX 90 proved to be the right one for us.


Sven Tanneberger

Head of Projects & CO-Founder

kumkeo GmbH

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netX 90 at a glance

→ Smallest multi-protocol SoC with additional Cortex-M4 application processor

→ Built-in security features for secure field and cloud connectivity

→ Supports all industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, and IIoT standards

→ Energy-efficient SoC with the lowest power loss


The World‘s Smallest Industrial Multiprotocol Chip

The appropriate ASIC for every application, the netX product family from Hilscher ranges from highly integrated and energy-efficient multi-protocol applications to high-performance master solutions. The netX 90 is Hilscher‘s latest network controller with slave function.

An animated picture of a black netX 90 chip slightly tilted to left side.
Logo kumkeo GmbH

Founded in 2009
80 Employees
Annual sales of EUR 8.2 million in 2021
DIN EN ISO 9001 and EN9100 certified
Member of the EtherCAT Technology Group, PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO), DGLR, FED and National Instruments Alliance Partner


kumkeo GmbH
Heidenkampsweg 82A
20097 Hamburg
T: +49 40 2846761 0


kumkeo GmbH is an engineering firm with consulting expertise as well as in-house product development. With practical concepts, the company offers support in project planning as well as in all phases of the implementation. The key areas of expertise include:

  • Software and firmware development
  • Hardware development
  • Software and system test
  • Qualification, verification, validation and certification
  • Obsolescence management
  • Project and quality management

The solution capabilities of the engineering firm also flow into the development of innovative measurement, control and regulation technology products.
Well-known companies of the renewable energies, ­laboratory and medical technology, semi-conductor and defense as well as aerospace industries appreciate the longstanding and cross-sector expertise.

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netX-Kommunikations-Controller von Hilscher auf einer Leiterplatte.
netX – the multi-protocol capable communication controller

Our netX communication controllers are your gateway to industrial communication. Their multiprotocol capability is unique on the market and the basis for network-integrating countless machines worldwide. As a turn-key product or highly integrated into your application, we have the right solution for you.

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