Communication module dual-port memory - PROFIBUS DP

Flexible communication module for automation
  • Universal PROFIBUS DP interface (Master or Slave) with TTL connection to the mainboard

  • Allows a flexible positioning of the network connector

  • Master or slave on the same hardware

  • Host connection via dual-port memory

The module for all communication tasks

The comX communication module is designed to be integrated into automation devices to provide drives, robot controllers, PLCs, etc. with a network interface. Communication tasks are all executed autonomously in the module - irrespective of the processor of the target device.

Process data is exchanged via a Dual-Port-Memory per access by an 8-/16-bit bus interface or a fast 50 MHz SPI interface.

comX supports all leading Real-Time Ethernet protocols as Master or Slave and meets all network-specific requirements in just one single module. To support a line topology, the module is equipped with two Ethernet ports. The communication protocol can be changed simply and reliably by loading the appropriate firmware and a software license for masters.

Due to the Hilscher network controller netX, a 10-year delivery guarantee is granted.

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Communication module dual-port memory - PROFIBUS DP


comX Evaluation Board

Development platform for all comX types