Systemtechnik LEBER and Hilscher take their successful cooperation to a new level

Hattersheim, 27. Apr. 2023 – Systemtechnik LEBER GmbH & Co. KG (STL), a provider of development services in the field of embedded and mechatronics systems, and Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH are looking to further deepen their cooperation established in 2017. Conditions for the strengthened cooperation have been laid down in a new partner agreement: STL continues to be an official Hilscher “netX Design-In Partner” and part of a worldwide network of selected engineering specialists supporting customers in the development of individual products with Hilscher’s netX platform, but now at a much higher level. Development projects can now be realized much faster, as LEBER engineers benefit from a direct line to Hilscher’s team of technical professionals. Joint projects are discussed and moved forward in regular update meetings. Webinars provide information on changes in the Hilscher product portfolio. And in exclusive one-on-one workshops and support sessions, STL employees can quickly solve individual issues and tasks side by side with a dedicated Hilscher professional.


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New Hilscher partner program

Hilscher already launched a new partner program in the previous year to better accommodate the increasing demand for development services. With this move, the company aims to improve its position, in particular with regard to custom applications, through customer-specific know-how. The goal is to use the highly specialized knowledge of Hilscher's partner companies even more efficiently in customer-specific solutions in the future. This will save customers both time and money. At the same time, Hilscher and STL look to use this step to strengthen their partnership.

The Hilscher partner program currently includes a two-stage system in the embedded sector. While new partners reach the “Qualified” stage after going through an onboarding process, proven partners such as STL have moved to the “Advanced” level: this means they’ve already successfully completed projects using Hilscher’s products on several occasions and have thus gained a wealth of experience. STL is currently the only Hilscher partner to fully meet the requirements for Advanced status.

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We’re very pleased that our successful cooperation with Hilscher is moving to the next level—and this at a level that enables us to support our customers even faster with the realization of their development projects. We benefit from very effective coaching and intensive integration with the Hilscher Solution Center. And everyone benefits from the synergy effects resulting from this, and not least of which our customers of course.

Jörg Klenke

Project Manager and Member of the STL Management Board

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Several projects successfully implemented

As part of their cooperation, the two companies have already successfully implemented a whole series of projects—for well-known corporations, but also for hidden champions such as E-T-A Elektrotechnische Apparate GmbH. The world leader in overcurrent protection has added a bus controller with multiprotocol capability to the REX12D series, a series of electrical circuit breakers. Based on Hilscher's netX 90, STL was able to implement and certify the connection of the REX12D series to PROFINET, Modbus, EtherCAT and Ethernet/IP networks in record time for E-T-A. Other areas such as compliance with functional safety norms and standards as well as Industry 4.0 aspects and security issues are also assessed for customers. The fact that LEBER engineers are in high demand as engineering partners is due not least to the fact that several team members have already been familiar with Hilscher products for a good ten years.

Jörg Zimmermann, Senior Partner Manager at Hilscher, comments: “We can only respond to the steadily increasing demand for development services from our customers together with partners. In STL, we have had an extremely reliable partner for a long time now to realize successful customer-specific development solutions based on our technology. Thanks to STL’s extensive expertise we’re able to realize customer requirements efficiently. With the new partner program, we’re intensifying our successful collaboration and creating new opportunities to deliver an optimal result to our shared customers.”


Company profiles
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For over 33 years, Systemtechnik LEBER has been offering finished products and services for customer-specific development. From the creation of circuit diagrams and integrated circuit layouts, through hardware, firmware and software development to the complete product development including all the necessary tests (V&V) and approvals. The company from Schwaig near Nuremberg specializes in industries subject to stringent regulatory requirements with high demands on functional safety and information security. Regardless of the sector, whether automotive, medical technology, automation technology, drive technology or aviation, LEBER is an expert when it comes to industry standards. Whether DO standards, EN ISO 13485:2016, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or EN ISO 9001:2015. Transparent planning and consistent systems engineering using powerful tools, sophisticated methods and processes ensure successful project execution.

Hilscher – empowering communication
About Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH:

Hilscher is the leading technology and solutions provider in industrial communications. With products and solutions from Hilscher, machines worldwide communicate with each other automatically, quickly and securely so that production and processes run smoothly. From hardware to the cloud, Hilscher makes Industry 4.0 possible. Hilscher was founded in 1986 in Hattersheim am Main and has since developed into an internationally active company with more than 400 employees at 13 locations worldwide.

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Jörg Klenke

Management Board Member

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