Promwad and Hilscher form a joint partnership

Hattersheim, 07. Feb. 2023 – Promwad, an expert in hardware design and embedded software development, and Hilscher Gesellschaft für Systemautomation mbH are entering into a joint partnership. Promwad's increased focus on industrial automation with its Industrial Automation & Robotics engineering unit fits perfectly with the new partnership with Hilscher as an embedded integrator, as the netX multiprotocol SoC from the Hattersheim-based company can be used in numerous projects. The broad and long-standing experience of Promwad's large engineering team results in very good end-customer consulting. The high flexibility of the netX, on the other hand, enables Promwad to implement development projects efficiently and quickly.

Hilscher is placing increased focus on establishing new partnerships in order to continue to act as a global pioneer for industrial communication solutions. Our partners benefit from a broad range of product solutions of the highest quality. And the expertise of our integration partners simplifies the implementation of communication solutions in customer applications. It provides end customers with the opportunity to quickly achieve a final product locally without specific knowledge through customized services.

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Promwad develops new devices and software for the global electronics market by taking a client's product from concept to mass production. Promwad helps design commercially successful products for various industries: industrial automation and robotics, telecommunications and video streaming, automotive, FPGA and edge computing. The company portfolio consists of turnkey electronics and hardware design, all types of software developments, industrial product design and mass production launch. Since 2004, the company has implemented more than 500 projects for customers in the EU, the USA and Canada.

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Hilscher is the leading technology and solutions provider in industrial communications. With products and solutions from Hilscher, machines worldwide communicate with each other automatically, quickly and securely so that production and processes run smoothly. From hardware to the cloud, Hilscher makes Industry 4.0 possible. Hilscher was founded in 1986 in Hattersheim am Main and has since developed into an internationally active company with more than 400 employees at 13 locations worldwide.

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